Christian History Issue #28

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  • Sprecher: Nadia May
  • 3 Std. 25 Min.
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Inside this issue you'll find 100 of the greatest events in Church history, including:

"Titus Destroys Jerusalem" (A.D. 70): When the Roman general sacked the temple, the Jews were forced into a new era - and so were the Christians

"The Edict of Milan" (313): The agreement shifted Christianity from being an illicit, persecuted sect to being a welcome - and soon dominant - religion of the Roman Empire

"The First Council of Nicea" (325): At stake in the church's first general council was the simplest, yet most profound, question: Who is Jesus Christ?

"Athanasius Defines the New Testament" (367): His letter is the earliest authoritative statement to fix the New Testament as we know it today

"Augustine Converts to Christianity" (386): A brilliant, profligate professor of rhetoric became the church's leading theologian for centuries to come

and 95 more!


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