Foundations of Eastern Civilization : The Great Courses: Civilization & Culture

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  • Sprecher: Professor Craig G. Benjamin Ph.D. Macquarie University
  • Serie: The Great Courses: Civilization & Culture
  • 23 Std. 21 Min.
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China. Korea. Japan. Southeast Asia. How did Eastern civilization develop? What do we know about the history, politics, governments, art, science, and technology of these countries? And how does the story of Eastern civilization play out in today's world of business, politics, and international exchange?
Over the course of 48 ambitious lectures, take a grand journey through Eastern civilization to study everything from the material economy of day-to-day life to the political and religious philosophies that would bind these cultures together for thousands of years. While China is home to some of the great moments in world history and a major focal point for this course, you'll also take several extended forays into Central and Southeast Asia to build a comprehensive picture of Eastern civilization.
"To truly understand the modern world, it is essential to know something about the many extraordinary contributions Eastern civilization has made," Professor Benjamin says. "Simply put, it is not enough to know just the 'Western' half of the story any more-both Eastern and Western are critical to understanding our present and our future."
Now is your chance to fill in the other half of the story. You may be surprised to realize that all of us have been students of Eastern civilization, even if we have not been aware of it. Filled with captivating stories and surprising details, this course will open up an entirely new world for you as it unfolds the story of Eastern civilization.
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Bought to fill a gap that mightily overflowed

I have a top western education but knew as good as nothing of that half of the world. It has always irked me, that we learned nothing about the people imperialist europe had not utterly conquered or colonized. This audio book not only lets you understand the eastern hemisphere better, by telling you its history, it also provides a completely different perspective on the development of our world filling in some gaps there as well. It also tells you how and why eastern ideas influenced our culture just as much as our ideas influenced theirs.
The lectures are information packed, never get boring and the speaker is very good to listen to.
Listen to it with a map and you can almost see the silkroads bustling, empires rising and dying and the mongols roaming their once vast empire.
I will listen through this again. Starting now.
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- Eyes n Ears

very well structured, very well read

for me, there were too many too detailed synopses of the previous chapter at the beginning of a new one. unfortunately, the author uses the imperial measurement system instead of the metrical one, which will leave many listeners wondering about the dimensions. lastly, a very strong emphasis on china. would have loved to have more lectures on japan and korea. especially taiwan and vietnam were only peripherally dealt with. nonetheless, mightily intersting and defenitely recommended.
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- zhear

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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 23.10.2013
  • Verlag: The Great Courses