Great Minds of the Medieval World : The Great Courses: Intellectual History

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  • Sprecher: Professor Dorsey Armstrong Ph.D Duke University
  • Serie: The Great Courses: Intellectual History
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The Middle Ages was a time of major advances in many fields of knowledge, from theology and philosophy to science, medicine, art, literature, and education. Owing to the work of an astonishing range of visionary thinkers, this fascinating period was the era in which the foundations of the modern Western world were laid. In the medieval era’s great minds we find the roots of many aspects of today’s world - from the religious/philosophical thought of Augustine, Ambrose of Milan, and Thomas Aquinas to the scientific innovations of Avicenna and Alhacen, the enlightened statesmanship of Charlemagne and Lorenzo de Medici, and the literary creations of Dante and Chaucer.
In these 24 lectures, Professor Armstrong leads you on an enthralling journey into the lives of the seminal thinkers of the Middle Ages. In this gallery of extraordinary minds, you'll encounter the leading lights of a world-shaping era, including figures such as Maimonides, Hildegard of Bingen, Bernard of Clairvaux, Peter Abelard, and Francesco Petrarch. Professor Armstrong goes to great lengths to bring these historic figures to life, revealing both the great intellectual contributions and the personal strivings, challenges, and triumphs of some of history's most remarkable human beings. These compelling lectures take you deeply into the heart of one of civilization’s most dynamic and impactful eras.
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A small amount of time for a big overview

A fine way to get to know or refresh information about some great minds of humanity. It is always possible to dispute the writer's choice, but nobody could claim that the persons presented are without any value. The book contains nice stories, without going into too much detail - which would not be possible for a book of this format - and the voice of the speaker is pleasant and I was able to enjoy listening. The only drawback was the pronounciation of the foreign languages, be it family names, city names or book titles. They were really (more than) dreadfull.
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- Marc Dierckx

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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 27.06.2014
  • Verlag: The Great Courses