Guns, Germs and Steel

  • von Jared Diamond
  • Sprecher: Doug Ordunio
  • 16 Std. 20 Min.
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Pulitzer Prize, General Nonfiction, 1998
Guns, Germs and Steel examines the rise of civilization and the issues its development has raised throughout history.
Having done field work in New Guinea for more than 30 years, Jared Diamond presents the geographical and ecological factors that have shaped the modern world. From the viewpoint of an evolutionary biologist, he highlights the broadest movements both literal and conceptual on every continent since the Ice Age, and examines societal advances such as writing, religion, government, and technology. Diamond also dissects racial theories of global history, and the resulting work—Guns, Germs and Steel—is a major contribution to our understanding the evolution of human societies.


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Les jeux sont faits

Jared Diamond has some sense written a sequel to Richard Dawkins's "the selfish gene": the growth, decline and mutual usurpation of human societies are a result of repeated games where the availability of exploitable resources, be it manageable crops, animals, climates and their emergent effects like crafts, population density and diseases are the real explanatory factors. The human populations just offer the breading ground for the societies and the intelligence factor of the individual human not more than mere statistical noise.

The book is an effective counterargument for any supremacist theory by its strong arguments and multiple layers of proof. A must read for anyone who is not afraid to put his/her own intelligence into perspective.
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- Marc Dierckx

Very good book. Great to listen to, well varied

I really enjoyed this book. The research is clearly well done and well explained.
The author does not generalise, the usual examples are not there, I really learned new things.
Would recommend as a must!!
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- stephkidd32

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