Privacy, Property, and Free Speech: Law and the Constitution in the 21st Century : The Great Courses: Better Living

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Although the courts have struggled to balance the interests of individuals, businesses, and law enforcement, the proliferation of intrusive new technologies puts many of our presumed freedoms in legal limbo. For instance, it's not hard to envision a day when websites such as Facebook or Google Maps introduce a feature that allows real-time tracking of anyone you want, based on face-recognition software and ubiquitous live video feeds.
Does this scenario sound like an unconstitutional invasion of privacy? These 24 eye-opening lectures immerse you in the Constitution, the courts, and the post-9/11 Internet era that the designers of our legal system could scarcely have imagined. Professor Rosen explains the most pressing legal issues of the modern day and asks how the framers of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights would have reacted to aspects of the modern life such as full-body scans, cell phone surveillance, and privacy in cloud servers.
Called "the nation's most widely read and influential legal commentator" by the Los Angeles Times, Professor Rosen is renowned for his ability to bring legal issues alive - to put real faces and human drama behind the technical issues that cloud many legal discussions. Here he asks how you would decide particular cases about liberty and privacy. You'll come away with a more informed opinion about whether modern life gives even the most innocent among us reason to worry.
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Dark and disquieting tale of the rights of Americans

The lecturer does a good job of explaining the state of privacy rights in the United States.
As it was given in 2011/12, some of the technology aspects seem outdated (yes, only four years later), but is still very relevant. Also would be great if it was more international, but it is insightful nonetheless, in clearly explaining the rights of US citizens in all areas of life. Very gloomy and makes you angry and disappointed in our leaders and the direction of the U.S. government's position on the topics.
Interesting anecdotes on the history and development of U.S. privacy laws.
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- BerlinerKühe

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