The High Middle Ages : The Great Courses: Medieval History

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At the dawn of the last millennium in the year 1000, Europe was one of the world's more stagnant regions - an economically undeveloped, intellectually derivative, and geopolitically passive backwater, with illiteracy, starvation, and disease the norm for almost everyone.
Yet only three centuries later, all of this had changed. A newly invigorated cluster of European societies had revived city life, spawned new spiritual and intellectual movements and educational institutions, and had begun, for reasons both sacred and profane, to expand at the expense of neighbors who traditionally had expanded at Europe's expense. This series of 24 lectures, filled with memorable detail, examines how and why Europeans achieved this stunning turnaround. By its conclusion, you will be able to describe and analyze the social, intellectual, religious, and political transformations that set into motion this midsummer epoch of the medieval world - an epoch you will come to know very well through Professor Daileader's vivid descriptions and examinations of its people, including

the warrior aristocracy of knights, castellans, counts, and dukes;
free and unfree peasants; and townspeople, both artisans and merchants;
its vibrant stirrings of religion and intellect, including monastic life and charismatic figures like Francis of Assisi and Thomas Aquinas;
the lives of those outside the religious mainstream, especially heretics and Jews;
and its major political developments and events, including the First Crusade, the Norman Conquest of England, and the granting of the Magna Carta.

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Excellent overwiew, a bit anglo-centric

This is, as the name of the series implies, not a reading of a book, but part of a series of lectures on the Middle Ages. Prof. Daileader presents the history of the High Middle Ages from 1000 to 1300 in the best Oxbridge tradition, under a clear and well-thought program, with some tongue in cheek. I especially like hs concise overview about new developments in historical science.

This lecture's aim is to present an overview of the main historical developments, not to discuss every aspect in as much Detail as possible. Though it is an introduction lecture, I believe that some background about the epoche is necessary to thouroughly enjoy the lecture.

In contrast to the Early Middle Ages, which I found superb, I felt that this time, there was a little bit too much of a focus on the northwestern part of Europe. I missed some words about Spain, Eastern and Northern Europe as well as the Balkans and the relationshi with the Islamic world (expect for the Crusades). However, I can't really say which parts shuld have been taken out to leave room for these topics.
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- Christian Esch

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