What We Say in the USA and What It Really Means!

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Let's face it, English is confusing, perhaps one of the most confusing languages in the world.
Anyone who has experienced learning English as a second language knows the many challenges that conversational English presents. Just when you think that you have learned nearly perfect English you find that conversational English is about as far from perfect as it gets.
There are numerous idioms, expressions, slang terms and catchphrases that pop up in everyday conversation that can be confusing to anyone who didn't grow up "Speaking American". When we factor in that there are both regional and generational variations and that the tone and body language that accompany these sayings can completely change what they mean sometimes it seems like the most difficult task in the world to determine what people are actually trying to say.
While there are plenty of ESL books out there, this book is meant to serve as both a handy reference for many idioms in use today and a learning tool to help the listener learn and understand these common expressions that are anything but common. Take a journey through the twists and turns of the English language as we seek to clear things up a bit with this book.
This book lists many of the common expressions you will encounter when speaking with native English speakers in alphabetical format, defines them, and offers real world examples to provide some context to the meaning.
Sp, let's explore the interesting, often misunderstood and sometimes completely nonsensical world of idioms, expressions and common sayings of the English language.


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