Collusion : Jack Lennon

  • von Stuart Neville
  • Sprecher: Gerard Doyle
  • Serie: Jack Lennon
  • 11 Std. 21 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


From the LA Times Book Award-winning author of The Ghosts of Belfast, Stuart Neville, comes the exciting sequel: Collusion
Collusion returns listeners to Belfast, where a new mystery haunts its underbelly. Jack Lennon is a Detective Inspector trying to track down his former lover, Marie McKenna, and their daughter, but his superiors tell him to back off. Bull O'Kane is a bitter old man who will stop at nothing for vengeance. The Traveller is an assassin without pity or remorse, who stalks Belfast, tying up loose ends. Forced into the center of it all is former IRA paramilitary Gerry Fegan, who must confront his past - and The Traveller - for the fight of his life.
The early reviews for Collusion are just as strong as those for The Ghosts of Belfast. And Gerard Doyle's narration complements Neville's taut, sinister, smart, and suspenseful story perfectly. Collusion is a feast for thriller fans.



"Irish author Neville follows his stunning debut with an even more powerful tale of revenge, violence, and redemption. Neville rides the perfect Celtic storm in an action-packed, cerebral thriller." (Publishers Weekly starred review)
"Utterly authentic and with a bone-crunching punch, Collusion suggests Neville may just have the talent to rival his hero James Ellroy when it comes to harsh, black thrillers." (Daily Mail)
"James Ellroy and Val McDermid were among admirers of Stuart Neville's corpse-filled debut [The Ghosts of Belfast], and his follow-up Collusion is another mesmerising Belfast blood bath. The Traveller and O'Kane are memorably grotesque creations, and Neville's violent showdowns rival those in Jacobean revenge plays." (Sunday Times)
"Brisk, addictive and possessing an expert sense of when to play the 'supernatural' card, Collusion is a worthy successor to one of last year's best thrillers." (The Guardian)
"Collusion is a gripping thriller that transcends its genre through an unflinching examination of how 40 years of internecine strife has left unhealed scars that resonate in all levels of life in the North today." (Irish Independent)


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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 04.08.2010
  • Verlag: Audible Studios