Dr Frigo

  • von Eric Ambler
  • Sprecher: David Rintoul
  • 10 Std. 4 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


A coup d'etat in a Caribbean state causes a political storm in the region and even the seemingly impassive and impersonal Doctor Castillo, nicknamed Doctor Frigo, cannot escape the consequences. As things heat up, Frigo finds that both his profession and life are horribly at risk.
Eric Ambler was born into a family of entertainers and in his early years helped out as a puppeteer. However, he initially chose engineering as a full time career, although this quickly gave way to writing. In World War II he entered the army and looked likely to fight in the line, but was soon after commissioned and ended the war as assistant director of the army film unit and a lieutenant-colonel. This experience translated into civilian life and Ambler had a very successful career as a screenwriter, receiving an Academy Award for his work on The Cruel Sea, by Nicolas Monsarrat, in 1953.
Many of his own works have been filmed, the most famous probably being Light of Day, filmed as Topkapi under which title it is now published. He established a reputation as a thriller writer of extraordinary depth and originality and received many other accolades during his lifetime, including two Edgar Awards from The Mystery Writers of America (best novel for Topkapi and best biographical work for Here Lies Eric Ambler), and two Gold Dagger Awards from the Crime Writer's Association (Passage of Arms and The Levanter). Often credited as being the inventor of the modern political thriller, John Le Carre once described Ambler as "the source on which we all draw." A recurring theme in his works is the success of the well-meaning yet somewhat bungling amateur who triumphs in the face of both adversity and hardened professionals. Ambler wrote under his own name and also during the 1950's a series of novels as Eliot Reed, with Charles Rhodda. These are now published under the Ambler umbrella.


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Revolution, Caribbean Style

The novel was written in 1974, but still is an incredible accurate description of political intrigue, corruption and meddling of multinational corporations in internal affaires of developing countries.

Eric Ambler is the master of political thrillers and he loves to throw an average guy into the maelstrom of a major political crisis and lets us watch, how this poor fellow stumbles from one disaster to the next. To our pleasant surprise this unusual hero walks away unscathed in most of the cases.

For a change, Eric Ambler forgets Eastern Europe or the Levant, but takes us to the Caribbean. Here, Dr. Ernesto Castillo, whose detached and cool attitude earned him the nickname Dr.Frigo, is pretty content with is life. He loves his profession as a doctor in a hospital in St.Paul, and he is quite fond of his lover, a very distant relative of the house of Habsburg and wife of a secret service agent. He does not think very often about his country of birth, where his father, a dubious politician, was murdered, when he still was quite a young boy.

Things change quite dramatically, when oil is found on an island of his home country and a multinational consortium plans to stage a revolution there to make sure, its investment would be secure. Somehow Dr.Frigo is drawn against his will into this dramatic events and he is in danger not only to lose everything, he worked for all these years, but even risks to lose his life..

The story is entertaining, some of the characters are close to standard clichés, while some others are incredible bizarre. Overall it is a typical Ambler.
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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 14.03.2013
  • Verlag: Audible Studios