Meant to Be

  • von Jessica James
  • Sprecher: Stella Bloom
  • 8 Std. 31 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


What do you do when the person you most want to protect is the one risking everything to make sure you survive?
When Lauren Cantrell said goodbye to the guy she had just met on the beach, she had no way of knowing their paths would ever cross again. But fate had another unexpected meeting in store for them - this time in a place where danger was part of the culture and the stakes were life and death.
The last person in the world Michael "Rad" Radcliff expected to see at a special ops briefing in Afghanistan is the girl he met at the beach two weeks ago - the one he can't stop thinking about.
From the sundrenched beaches of Ocean City, MD. to the snowcapped mountains of Afghanistan, this thrilling tale of espionage and intrigue takes listeners on a spellbinding journey into the secret lives of our nation's quiet heroes - and answers the question: What do you do when the person you most want to protect is the one risking everything to make sure you survive?
Meant to Be recounts the dedication of our military, the honor and sacrifice of our soldiers, and a relationship that is tested and sustained by the powerful forces of love, courage, and resolve.


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Magnificent love story and characters.

A Love Story of country and of two people, who are about to indulge themselves on a dangerous challenge of their lives, met at the right place and the right time.
Rad and Lauren didn't expect to find love in each other a day before they indulge in a mission where they would stake their lives, not knowing if they would come through it alive, for the love of country. An oath they took to first and above all serve their Country and people. To preserve peace, safety and freedom of their motherland. Duty, honor and love.
The novel gives as a glimpse of how the men and women in the Military who are deployed to war and fighting for the freedom and safety enjoyed by their country and people, not knowing if they would get through the dangers of losing their own lives. And the heartbreak of their loved ones who every day, minutes and seconds, hanging on to the hope that their loved ones would survive through the war. They have to deal with the horrofying possibilities that they may never come home alive in their own land and family.
Whatever the outcome, all these men and women are True Heroes.
Emotional, gripping, touching.... you will fall in love with the characters and the story.
A must read.
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- Mary A Martin

Weitere Infos zum Titel

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 18.09.2017
  • Verlag: Jessica James