Prophecy : Giordano Bruno

  • von S. J. Parris
  • Sprecher: Laurence Kennedy
  • Serie: Giordano Bruno
  • 14 Std. 38 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


The follow-up to the best-selling Heresy sees the return of Giordano Bruno, religious exile and renegade monk…
Autumn, 1583. As an astrological phenomenon heralds the dawn of a new age and Mary Stuart’s supporters scheme to usurp Elizabeth, a young maid is murdered, occult symbols carved into her flesh. Giordano Bruno is called on to use his cunning to infiltrate the plotters and find evidence against them. In fear for his life, Bruno discovers that the young woman’s murder could point to an even more sinister truth…



"Parris writes with confident ease of Tudor London… The dialogue balances nicely on a tightrope of period phrases and cut-to-the-chase colloquialisms. More, please." ( Times)
"Impossible to resist … Parris creates a convincing sense of the past, woven with so much intrigue that the head fairly spins" ( Daily Telegraph)


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Bruno loses track...

I listened to Heresy, the first Giordano Bruno book recently, and I loved it. It made me curious enough to buy the sequel, too, not least because Laurence Kennedy is such a great narrator.

I enjoyed this book on the whole, but it had some lengths, so I was easily distracted at times. In fact, I stopped to listen to a whole different book before returning to this one.
The whole story is slow-paced and only picks up some speed toward the very end.
It is a still a very good book, especially if you're interested in history. I was curious, so I did some research, and to my surprise, I found that not only the main English characters are factual (something I had been aware of before), but that even Giordano Bruno is based on a factual character, and that his ideas portrayed in the book were indeed the ideas he was prosecuted for by the Roman church. Same goes for John Dee and Kelley. I'm quite in awe of the amount of meticulous research that has gone into the Giordano Bruno series.
All history buffs will love this book, all those hoping for a great mystery might be disappointed, because although Bruno hunts for a murderer, this is a mere hook for a portray of the political situation at the time, with all its conspiracies and spying. It gives a perfect idea of the Mary Stuart-Elizabeth I problematic with all that's entangled in it.

A really great book with some weaknesses, but they are easily forgiven due to the amount of information the book contains.
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- Bel

Weitere Infos zum Titel

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 10.06.2013
  • Verlag: Whole Story Audiobooks