The Breach

  • von Patrick Lee
  • Sprecher: Jeff Gurner
  • 8 Std. 35 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


Thirty years ago, in a facility buried beneath a vast Wyoming emptiness, an experiment gone awry accidentally opened a door. It is the world’s best-kept secret—and its most terrifying. Trying to regain his life in the Alaskan wilds, ex-con/ex-cop Travis Chase stumbles upon an impossible scene: a crashed 747 passenger jet filled with the murdered dead, including the wife of the [resident of the United States.
Though a nightmare of monumental proportions, it pales before the terror to come, as Chase is dragged into a battle for the future that revolves around an amazing artifact. Allied with a beautiful covert operative whose life he saved, Chase must now play the role he’s been destined for—a pawn of incomprehensible forces or humankind’s final hope—as the race toward Apocalypse begins in earnest. Because something is loose in the world. And doomsday is not only is inevitable.



"It's all here: brilliantly devious enemies; nifty, innovative gadgets and weaponry; hang-on-to-your-hat action; and razor-sharp plot twists aplenty." ( Publishers Weekly)
"Audacious and terrifying-- and uncannily believable." (Lee Child )


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Gute Geschichte, überragender Sprecher.

Der Sprecher ist einfach super. Man kann einfach jede Stimme einer bestimmten Person zuordnen. Die Stelle als Travis das erste Mal von The Whisper verführt wird, ist phänomenal gesprochen.
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- Amazon-Kunde


I enjoyed the fast-paced first part with some very novel ideas, but the plot turned sour towards the end with just one or two twists too many. In any event, I personally do not like open ends.
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- Silvia

Weitere Infos zum Titel

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 09.03.2010
  • Verlag: HarperAudio