The Mission Song

  • von John le Carré
  • Sprecher: David Oyelowo
  • 11 Std. 31 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


Abandoned by his parents, Bruno Salvador has long looked for guidance. He found it in Mr. Anderson of British Intelligence. Working for Anderson in a clandestine facility, Salvo (as he's known) translates intercepted phone calls, bugged recordings, and snatched voice-mail messages. When Anderson sends him to a mysterious island to interpret during a secret conference, Bruno thinks he is helping Britain -- but then he hears something he should not have.



"Amid the bursts of humor, le Carré convincingly conveys his empathy." ( Publishers Weekly)
"His prose is as lovely and expressive as ever; his ear for dialogue remains wonderfully acute." ( Washington Post)


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Brilliant One Man Show

The Mission Song may be a good read - But the audio book is even better. It is absolutely intriguing how the various characters (and accents!) are emulated by just one reader. It is worthwhile listening if only to admire the sound of the various voices. By accident, I forgot to download the second part of the audiobook before going on holiday. Even though I was desperate to go on with the story, I rather waited till I got home to finish the audiobook then buy the 'hardcopy' and read it myself ...

For people who are at least mildly interested in Africa, this is a perfect choice.
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- Caroline Hinds

John Le Carré's new mission

John le Carré has made Africa the new subject of his books. The Continuous Gardener was set there, and this book also explores some of the darker sides of Africa. The interpreter Bruno Salvador (aka Salvo) is the main character here. Of mixed parentage, he is torn between his European home and Africa, the home of his Congolese mother. When his services are required for a secret conference on the future of Congo, he finds out that a mysterious "Syndicate" has sinister plans with Congo. He obtains documents that prove this and is on the run from then on. He hooks up with Hannah, a black nurse, who helps him until they reach the inevitable showdown...You will not find the usual intricately crafted plot that you may expect from le Carré, nor are his characters as moving or convincing as in other novels. This is a high-minded thriller, but rather simplistic in nature. Le Carré was apparently more concerned with the message than with the plotting of the story. Thus, this is only an average le Carré, but well read by David Oyelowo, whose bored drawl reflects well Salvo's attitude.
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- R. Aderhold

Weitere Infos zum Titel

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 09.10.2006
  • Verlag: Hachette Audio