With Child : Kate Martinelli Mysteries

  • von Laurie R. King
  • Sprecher: Alyssa Bresnahan
  • Serie: Kate Martinelli Mysteries
  • 10 Std. 31 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


Adrift in mist-shrouded San Francisco mornings and alcohol-fogged nights, homicide detective Kate Martinelli can't escape the void left by her departed lover, who has gone off to rethink their relationship. But when twelve-year-old Jules Cameron comes to Kate for a professional consultation, Kate's not sure she's that desperate for distraction.
Jules is worried about her friend Dio, a homeless boy she met in a park. Dio has disappeared without a word of farewell, and Jules wants Kate to find him. Reluctant as she is, Kate can't say no--and soon she finds herself forming a friendship with the bright, quirky girl. But the search for Dio will prove to be much more than both bargained for - and it's only the beginning.
When Jules disappears while taking a trip with Kate, a desperate search begins...and Kate knows all too well the odds of finding the child alive...


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Nice chick lit, poor mystery writing

This is my first Laurie King novel and I try hard to be fair, but what I liked most, was the pleasant voice of Alyssa Bresnahan. if it would not have been for her, I might have given up listening during the first half of the book.

The plot is fairly simple. Inspector Martinelli has a rough time. Her lover left her for a lengthy stay at her aunt and in her boredom and misery she befriends Jules, the step daughter of her partner Al. When Martinelly finally decides to visit her lover, she takes Jules with her and while they stay in a hotel during this trip, Jules gets kidnapped.

Laurie King is a talented story teller and the prose is more than adequate. There is enough detail and color in the narrative to make it entertaining, but regardless of that, it is definitely not a great mystery novel:
- The mystery does not start until you are through the first half of the book, most of the time you are clueless, where this is going.
- The real detective work does not start until you reached the last quarter of the book. A lot of details are far from plausible and do not make sense.
- The behavior of Jules, the victim, is completely irrational and contradicts the character described before.
- Inspector Martinelli stumbles through the story and appears to be clumsy and unprofessional most of the time.

There are only 2 characters with enough profile and granularity to make them real, Martinelli and Jules. All the others appear to be very sketchy and look like typical clichés. Even so, it is hard to get a clear impression of Martinelli. The way she handles her relationship to her lover make her look selfish and immature, while on the other hand her emotional behavior on the job makes her look unprofessional and at times she simply seems to be very naïve.

The biggest flaw in the story is the lifeless description of the relationship between Martinelli and her lover Lee. The relationship is completely deplete of any emotion, tenderness and affection. Since Martinelli's being gay seems to be a major part of the story, this is hard to understand.

Overall acceptable story telling, but poor content

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- BikerJoe

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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 21.01.2014
  • Verlag: Macmillan Audio