An Inconvenient Book

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The world is a mess. It seems that everywhere listeners turn, there's another problem:
Iran is developing nuclear capabilities.

Public schools actually seem to be making our kids dumber.

Charlie Sheen has a hit sitcom.

Obesity is a national epidemic.

The divorce rate is rising faster than gas prices.

Really: Charlie Sheen has a hit sitcom!

And people are more interested in voting for the next American Idol than American President.
This just barely scratches the surface. Sadly, there's no shortage of problems - what is needed now are solutions. If only there was a man who could simplify things, cut through the rhetoric, and fix everything. Then, if he was just able to put all of that insight into something that people could a store and, that would great.
Wait a minute!
An Inconvenient Book is that very something: the one source for the Real Story behind the problems that seemed too big and complicated to solve (until now) plus their common-sense solutions. Think of it as a Hints from Heloise that's less "getting red wine out of your carpet" and more "keeping illegal aliens out of your country".


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An eyeopener...

Very thought provoking, seldom TOO detailed (only when needed) informative book. Take time to think between chapters and after reading the book completely.
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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 13.11.2007
  • Verlag: Simon & Schuster Audio