Ghost in the Wires

  • von Kevin Mitnick, William L. Simon
  • Sprecher: Ray Porter
  • 13 Std. 59 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


Kevin Mitnick was the most elusive computer break-in artist in history. He accessed computers and networks at the world’s biggest companies—and however fast the authorities were, Mitnick was faster, sprinting through phone switches, computer systems, and cellular networks. He spent years skipping through cyberspace, always three steps ahead and labeled unstoppable. But for Kevin, hacking wasn’t just about technological feats—it was an old fashioned confidence game that required guile and deception to trick the unwitting out of valuable information.
Driven by a powerful urge to accomplish the impossible, Mitnick bypassed security systems and blazed into major organizations including Motorola, Sun Microsystems, and Pacific Bell. But as the FBI’s net began to tighten, Kevin went on the run, engaging in an increasingly sophisticated cat-and-mouse game that led through false identities, a host of cities, plenty of close shaves, and to an ultimate showdown with the feds, who would stop at nothing to bring him down.
Ghost in the Wires is a thrilling true story of intrigue, suspense, and unbelievable escape and a portrait of a visionary whose creativity, skills, and persistence forced the authorities to rethink the way they pursued him, inspiring ripples that brought permanent changes in the way people and companies protect their most sensitive information.



“Intriguing, insightful, and extremely educational into the mind of one who truly mastered the art of social engineering with the use of a computer and modern-day technologies. I strongly believe that one can learn a great deal about protecting themselves once they understand how another one perpetrates the crime.” (Frank W. Abagnale, author of Catch Me If You Can)


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keine Reue

Schockierende Geschichte eines Hackers, der lügt, betrügt und dies damit rechtfertigt, dass er nur seine Neugierde befriedigen wollte und niemandem geschadet habe. Als er dann ungerecht von der Justiz behandelt wird, sammelt er zwar einige Sympathiepunkte, die er aber schnell wieder verliert, da er keine Spur von Reue zeigt.

Sehr gut vorgetragen von Ray Porter.

Lesen Sie weiter...

- E.B


I have read more books by and about Kevin Mitnick and this is the best one. Very interesting.
Lesen Sie weiter...

- P K

Weitere Infos zum Titel

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 15.08.2011
  • Verlag: Blackstone Audio, Inc.