Megachange : The Economist

  • von Daniel Franklin, John Andrews
  • Sprecher: David Thorpe
  • Serie: The Economist
  • 10 Std. 21 Min.
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Building on the hugely successful annual Economist 'The World in ...' publications, this essential guide to the 21st century captures the sweeping, fundamental trends that are changing the world faster than at any time in human history.
In 2050 there will be 9.3 billion people alive - compared with 7 billion today - and the number will still be rising. The population aged over 65 will have more than doubled, to more than 16 percent; China's GDP will be 80 percent more than America's; and the number of cars on India's roads will have increased by 3,880 percent. And, in 2050 it should be clear whether we are alone in the universe.What other megachanges can we expect - and what will their impact be?
This comprehensive and compelling book will cover the most significant trends that are shaping the coming decades, with each of its 20 chapters elegantly and authoritatively outlined by Economist contributors, and rich in supporting facts and figures. It will chart the rise and fall of fertility rates across continents; how energy resources will change in light of new technology, and how different nations will deal with major developments in science and warfare.
Megachange is essential listening for anyone who wants to know what the next four decades hold in store.
Daniel Franklin is Executive Editor of The Economist and Editor of The Economist's annual publication,'The World in...'. John Andrews has written for TheEconomist for more than 30 years having been based in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and America.



"If you want to know what the future may look like, here it is. A brilliantly well informed guide - all I can say is wow." (Chris Patten)
"This brilliant book delves beneath the crises in the newspapers to expose the forces that our reshaping our economy, our politics, and our everyday lives. Limpid and provocative, it sets the facts and figures of tomorrow's world into a narrative that is gripping and compelling." (Mark Leonard, author of Why Europe Will Run the 21st Century and What Does China Think?)
"...there are thoroughly engaging pieces here, especially from the science crowd." (Weekend Australian)


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