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Gross domestic product. Health insurance. Soaring energy prices. Major economic issues dominate today's news, but how do these issues impact the average citizen? This primer in 21st-century economics for the non-economist surveys today's most urgent economic issues that affect both global events and our everyday lives.
You'll learn what economics has to say about making the decisions - big or small - that affect our daily lives: What factors come into play when you're deciding whether to buy this car or that one, or even commute by bus? Mow the lawn or take a nap? Grill a burger with a bubbling slice of cheese or eat a simple salad? And you'll see how this same kind of analysis applies to the major issues of public policy, where the needs and wants of a nation and its people - whether financial security, safety from terrorism, or even an available kidney for someone desperately waiting on a transplant list - involve tradeoffs, which are sometimes obvious and sometimes not.
Whether dealing with the traditional sorts of topics most of us are used to seeing in an economics course - Social Security, inflation, unemployment, immigration, taxation, and the like - or issues perhaps surprising, such as gambling, major sports franchises, and even overeating, these 36 lectures offer a steady flow of insights about public policy and the American economy.
By showing the full range of economic factors at work, this course can help you become an even more insightful judge of policy recommendations and of the leaders and policy makers who advocate them. And you may well learn to supplement your own analyses as you make the real-life economic choices each of us faces every day, becoming an even wiser consumer and manager of your own economic future.
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Very interesting, but extremely america focused

The book is very nice and insightful and I like the statistics that the author uses to underline the topics and show the general point of view of the experts. Nevertheless, it is extremely focused on America with a typical american viewset.
Lesen Sie weiter...

- Samuel

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