The Meditations

  • von Marcus Aurelius
  • Sprecher: Wanda McCaddon
  • 4 Std. 23 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


"Live each day as if it were your last." Written in Greek by the only Roman emperor who was also a philosopher, without any intention of publication, Marcus Aurelius's Meditations offers a remarkable series of challenging spiritual reflections and exercises developed as the emperor struggled to understand himself and make sense of the universe.
Ranging from doubt and despair to conviction and exaltation, they cover such diverse topics as the nature of moral virtue, human rationality, divine providence, and Marcus's own emotions. But while The Meditations was composed to provide personal consolation and encouragement, in developing his beliefs Marcus Aurelius also created one of the greatest of all works of philosophy: a timeless collection of extended meditations and short aphorisms that has been consulted and admired by statesmen, thinkers, and readers throughout the centuries.


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As if he was here

The meditations are as timely and relevant as ever.

Special praise to the narrator. She makes the sentences come alive. Not like the oftentimes wooden over pronounced grave seriousness in other productions. Here it is as actually listening in on Marcus himself. By this style the thoughts come alive which lends much to their timelessness by realising, how current they are and that they were in fact the albeit educated self talk of a well rounded and quite articulate educated human being, and not some sort of textbook wisdom written to educate or impress the ages.

Marcus Aurelius really 'speaks' here.
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- Christopher

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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 26.01.2010
  • Verlag: Tantor Audio