• von John P. Avlon, Tina Brown (foreword)
  • Sprecher: John P. Avlon, Tina Brown (foreword)
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A bad craziness is snaking through America in the first years of the Obama administration: the wingnuts are on the attack!
Whats a wingnut? A wingnut is someone on the far-right or far-left wing of the political spectrum - professional partisans, unhinged activists, and paranoid conspiracy theorists. Barack Obama campaigned as an antidote to the politics of polarization, promising to transcend the old divides of left and right, black and white, red states and blue. But in the first year of his presidency, he is presiding over an eruption of hate and hyper-partisanship that threatens to mock the promise upon which he was elected.
Wingnuts is a reported exploration of the outer reaches of American politics, told from the perspectives of a radical centrist who believes that the far right and the far left are equally insane.
On the way, we'll meet the Queen of the Birthers, Orly Taitz, and the Orange County pastor who is openly praying for Obama's death. We'll get a look into the life of Obama senate opponent Alan Keyes and the draft-Palin movement, as well as the liberal anti-war Obama protestor Cindy Sheehan and her allies in Code Pink. Wingnuts also looks at people trying to bridge the political divide, like the Afghan war vet who founded Republicans for Obama.


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Crazy on Both Sides

I won't say I had my eyes opened by anything in the book because I went in to it knowing that the fringe on both sides are ridiculous in their notions. I will say though that at times I was shocked by how far both sides will go in their single-mindedness and their pursuit of hateful rhetoric. I was particularly shocked when so-called God-fearing Christian conservatives when emailing a National Review columnist who they deemed to be a traitor because of what she wrote about Sarah Palin used language that made my skin crawl. Unfortunately I doubt those who are in the lunatic fringe will read this book and therefore will never recognize how insane they really sound.
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- Burkhard

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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 29.01.2010
  • Verlag: Audible Studios