You Say Potato: A Book About Accents

  • von Ben Crystal, David Crystal
  • Sprecher: David Crystal, Ben Crystal, Jane Savage, Hilton McRae
  • 7 Std. 5 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


An authoritative, entertaining book about our accents and what they say about us.
Some people say 'sconn' while others say 'schown'. He says 'bath' while she says 'bahth'. You say 'potayto'. I say 'potahto'. And - wait a second, no one says 'potahto'. No one's ever said 'potahto'. Have they?
From reconstructing Shakespeare's accent to the rise and fall of received pronunciation, actor Ben Crystal and his linguist father, David, travel the world in search of the stories of spoken English. Everyone has an accent, though many of us think we don't. We all have our likes and dislikes about the way other people speak, and everyone has something to say about 'correct' pronunciation.
But how did all these accents come about, and why do people feel so strongly about them? Are regional accents dying out as English becomes a global language? And most importantly of all: what went wrong in Birmingham? Witty, authoritative, and jam-packed full of fascinating facts, You Say Potato is a celebration of the myriad ways in which the English language is spoken - and how our accents, in so many ways, speak louder than words.


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Unterhaltsam lehrreich

Selten kann man so unterhaltsam etwas über eine Sprache und deren Akzente lernen, wie in diesem offenen, familiären Dialog. Dennoch hört man viel Fachwissen mit wissenschaftlichen Anspruch. Anekdoten fördern das bessere Verständnis. Ganz persönlich hatte ich viel Freude am Hören.
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- Patrick Franke

Very interesting and entertaining

The authors' expertise is a guarantee that this book will give you a better understanding of accents, what an accent is, how they differ. And what their characteristics are for a lot of English accents. The only suggestion I would like to make is that it would have been even more interesting if there had been more and longer examples for each accent. Just enumerating the differences left me looking for more. On the whole a great book.
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- Inés Kucharz

Weitere Infos zum Titel

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 21.05.2015
  • Verlag: Pan Macmillan Publishers Ltd.