Hut 33: Series 2 (BBC Radio 4: Comedy)

  • von James Cary
  • Sprecher: Robert Bathurst, Tom Goodman-Hill
  • 2 Std. 48 Min.
  • Radio/TV


BBC Radio 4 Sitcom by James Cary, set in Bletchley Park in 1941. Originally broadcast May - June 2009.Three code-breakers are forced to share a draughty wooden hut as they try to break German ciphers. Unfortunately, they hate each other.
Includes the following episodes:

‘Royal Visit’ - A royal visitor is coming to inspect Bletchley Park, but the top brass are worried that this particular royal is a Nazi sympathiser. Hut 33 has to delay him and make sure he doesn't see any of the code-breaking machines.
‘Pigs 'n' Spivs’ - Supplies are running short. The office has run out of paper and pencils and the canteen is only serving boiled cauliflower. Archie refuses to resort to the services of a spiv, but Charles has no such scruples.
‘Yellow’ - The staff have to get their yellow fever vaccinations. The only problem is Charles is too much of a snob to be injected by an Australian doctor, Archie is scared of needles and Gordon still needs a note from his mum.
‘Where Boffins Dare’ - Having made a total hash of a message, Hut 33 are threatened with being posted to Burma. When a message indicates that a German spy is going to be parachuted nearby, they see a chance to redeem themselves. But the spy turns out to be an old friend of Charles.
‘Getting Heavy’ - Hut 33's record is the worst in the complex. Charles is mortified with shame, Archie is desperate to prove himself and Gordon wants to impress a girl he has just met. They break into Hut 7b to get extra information on a message they are decoding, which turns out not to be a good idea.
‘Yankee Diddle’ - An American visitor is joining Hut 33. He seems to be very wealthy and very gullible, which presents Charles with an irresistible chance to fleece him. Not only does he have more money than sense, but he also happens to be Roosevelt's nephew.


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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 07.12.2010
  • Verlag: BBC Worldwide Limited