Living a Course in Miracles

  • von Jon Mundy Ph.D.
  • Sprecher: Jon Mundy Ph.D.
  • 8 Std. 16 Min.
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In 1976, a mysterious "Inner Voice" spoke to Helen Schucman, dictating what would come to be known as A Course in Miracles - a spiritual classic that would go on to sell over two million copies and influence countless people worldwide. Those who study this 1,333-page course can struggle for years to progress through its resonant but often difficult-to-comprehend truths. Jon Mundy, who knew ACIM's founders, uses passages from the text to illuminate its teachings on subjects ranging from the self and forgiveness to health and the afterlife. His lively storytelling and in-depth knowledge will help listeners embrace the wisdom of this timeless text in their daily lives.



" Living A Course in Miracles is a wonderful guide to both understanding and behavior, with light in our minds and love in our hearts." (Marianne Williamson, author of A Return to Love)


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A True Highlight All the Way Through

This book is a highlight all the way through. It is also the one with probably the highest count of bookmarks I have ever added. A true delight, every piece of it. Jon Mundy has a way to make the complex work of ACIM very approachable and makes it easy for the messages to sink in deeply. It is one of these books where profound healing can occur in the midst of listening at many different occasions! I am truly grateful for the discovery of this little gem!

A few highlights that I wrote down as keypoints while listening, giving a small idea of some of the book's profound treasures:
"I have asked you to perform miracles!" (Jesus Christ in the course); "miracle-mindedness is right-mindedness"; "projection makes perception"; "there are no neutral thoughts"; "we are what we think about" (Earl Nightingale); "Minds can communicate only in love"; "fear is witness to separation"; "Heaven is remembering"; "Heaven is here now. Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait without anxiety"; "The holy instant- a miniature of Heaven"; "refuse to be a part of fearful dreams, whatever form they take!"; "All forgiveness is self-forgiveness"; "The world began when we chose guilt- the world will end when we choose forgiveness!"; "The memory of God comes to the quiet mind"; "How silly I was to ever take the ego's game for real!!!"

Again, a thousand times thank you, dear Jon, blessed be <3
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- A. Schwenk

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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 01.11.2012
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