Office Visit Set II: Sexuality, The Aging Process and Handling Major Crises

  • von David R. Hawkins MD
  • Sprecher: David R. Hawkins MD
  • 3 Std. 18 Min.
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A set of three talks given by Dr. Hawkins:
Sexuality: Dr. Hawkins explains the difference between sex and making love. He presents sex as an expression of the energy of aliveness and the joy of being. He discusses sex and spiritual conflict, along with guilt, religion, programming, and social belief systems. He describes low-energy and high-energy sex, how to overcome impotence and lack of response, and how to transcend desire so that one is not at the effect of it. Learn about sex and gender, Yin and Yang energies, owning your "opposite" within yourself, the love of sex, and the sexual energy of the love relationship. Dr. Hawkins discusses dysfunctional sexuality as a key to understanding the problem in the relationship and as a projection of distorted self-image. Does God approve of sex? Sex and age - is it all over now or does it get better the older one becomes?
The Aging Process: Throughout history, major emphasis, energy, and countless millions of dollars have been spent by the public in trying to eliminate, or at least retard, the aging process. Since most people attempt to deal with aging from the "outside" through face-lifts, plastic surgery, strenuous exercise programs, etc., the results are superficial and short-lived. Dr. Hawkins discusses working on aging from the "inside" through Consciousness and Awareness.
Handling Major Crises: Although the experience of crisis may be different for each person, Dr. Hawkins examines the underlying thoughts and actions that create the feeling of crisis. Some of these are sin, anger, guilt, self-hatred, loss of meaning and self-worth, and depression. Dr. Hawkins shares, both from his professional expertise and personal experience, how to handle crisis and what is needed to make the difference.


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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 12.05.2014
  • Verlag: Veritas Publishing