Office Visit Set III: Worry, Fear & Anxiety, Pain & Suffering, and Losing Weight

  • von David R. Hawkins MD
  • Sprecher: David R. Hawkins MD
  • 3 Std. 31 Min.
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Three talks described as follows:
Talk #1: Worry, Fear, and Anxiety: These are expressions of a level of consciousness. The world holds that they have a survival value and therefore are acceptable and justified, whereas the opposite is true. Fear is very easy to manage once one knows how-techniques that work are presented. The fear of fear is the main obstacle and is simple to relieve. Dr. Hawkins provides ways to undo these conditions and reduce one's level of fear. He describes how fear is really related to loss and also shows how to stop being a victim of life.
Talk #2: Pain and suffering: Although not identical, the world firmly believes so. The successful handling of pain techniques that work instantly and bring about rapid healing are presented, along with clinical examples. Learn how to divorce pain from suffering, how to raise one's pain threshold, and reduce pain inclination. Discover the falsity of the unconscious worship of suffering as penance. What is the place of acupuncture for relieving pain? Does going to the dentist have to be painful? The answer is no.
Talk #3: Losing Weight: Dr. Hawkins teaches how to disappear hunger and not be at the effect of appetite. He provides basic tricks that clinically work, along with awareness of false medical beliefs and the need to cancel them. Explanation is given regarding how to reduce one's weight without suffering and how to maintain the desired weight without effort. This audio provides consciousness and energy techniques that easily handle the challenge. One can give up trying will power and resisting eating as they do not work because they involve loss and conflict. Learn a much easier way that is joyful.


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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 13.05.2014
  • Verlag: Veritas Publishing