People Skills for Youth Pastors

  • von Trevor Hamaker
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These skills will make you a better youth pastor!
Why should you care about People Skills?
People Skills help you stand out in an interview.
People Skills help you make small talk with students.
People Skills help you recruit and retain volunteers.
People Skills help you gain credibility with parents.
People Skills help you distinguish yourself as a leader in your church.
Do you want to increase the impact of your ministry?
Do you want people to like you, listen to you, and be around you?
Would you like to have better interactions with everyone you meet?
Of course you do!
That's why this book is for you.
People Skills for Youth Pastors is filled with practical tips and techniques that will help you take your ministry and relationships to the next level. You'll learn how to:

Create consistently great first impressions.
Make yourself approachable and available to new people.
Dress for success.
Start a conversation with practically anyone.
Double your likeability factor.
Use nonverbal signals to show you're listening.
Turn acquaintances into friends.
Grow your influence so you're seen a leader.
Own your mistakes to boost your credibility.
Confront people who are causing you problems.


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  • Verlag: Trevor Hamaker