Roots of Buddhist Psychology

  • von Jack Kornfield
  • 8 Std. 39 Min.
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The Buddha said many times that just as the great oceans have but one taste, so do all the true teachings of the dharma: the taste of freedom. Jack Kornfield's The Roots of Buddhist Psychology opens this eternal view of the mind for all listeners. Among the world's great religions, Buddhism has developed a rich psychology based not on metaphysics, but on the human predicament. Through its strategies, you can discover for yourself how to find true freedom from worldly suffering. Buddhism views the mind as a maze of feelings, perceptions, and emotional states. Unhappiness is rooted in unskillful responses to our world: grasping when things are pleasant, aversion when they are unpleasant, and delusion/confusion when they are neutral. Through awareness training, Kornfield teaches, you can transform these responses into real skills that are the path to awakening and freedom. Like no other teaching course, The Roots of Buddhist Psychology gives you immediate strategies for living in the present, including 12 profound lectures, each one a gem of intelligent wisdom, on Buddhism's central teachings about the psyche and sacred attention. Here is specific instruction, taught in the classic tradition and enlivened with many parables, worldly stories, and thoughts from artists, philosophers, and writers who have helped us see how to live true, useful lives. Join Jack Kornfield and discover for yourself that what you seek is already here.


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A very good and complete start

Starting with the "Art of happiness" of His Holiness the Dalai Lama I became very interested in the buddhist view to the world. Not speaking of it as a religion, but a psychology.
Getting a little deeper into that field, there's nearly no way to get around Alan Watts, Ajahn Brahm, Gil Fronsdal and of course Jack Kornfield. Like very little westerners he can produce the wisdom of the great asian monks to our western world, perfectly translating the sense.
All areas that are basically of interest and needed for a complete understanding are covered in that book and at least described in a way so that you have a solid rock to stand on. Jack Kornfield has a very interesting way of speaking and doesn't miss the points to place a funny comment to break up with getting too serious.
After I listened to that book I felt well prepared for keeping up "studying" buddhist psychology and I would say, that it has been very much easier to move on that if I hadn't listened to it.
Moreover it is so full of interesting facts, that I consider it a book to listen over again.

To german listeners: I recommend to hear that book in this original tongue if possible. The translation to german is good, but doesn't catch up to the original in my opinion.
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- Markus

The story of ourselves

Jack Kornfield conveys in flowery and poignant terms the contribution of Buddhist Philosophy towards the understanding of ourselves. The polarity between light and dark is explored gently yet firmly, guiding the listener towards a long hard look at his/her own inner life with its radiance and mental afflictions. The lectures are filled with anecdotes, quotations, poems and stories that convey the material in a non-technical, accessible way. However they, as all of Spirituality, do not provide instant gratification. Rather they challenge the listener to ponder, examine and meditate on the metaphors and the message behind them. Overall a highly recommended book.
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- Peter

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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 07.06.2007
  • Verlag: Sounds True