The Illusion of Limitation

  • von Guy Finley
  • Sprecher: Guy Finley
  • 6 Std. 19 Min.
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The core of your being, heart, mind, and body, holds within it a consciousness capable of realizing a world without limitations; a life unfettered by any fear, empowered by a Living Light, and renewed every day by timeless Love.
It is our unique possibility as human beings to know this gift of gifts, to not only realize the kingdom of this higher consciousness within us, but to be liberated from a life of unending problems and enter into one of unending promise.
The liberation of self is, and always has been, the aim of the true spiritual path. For thousands of years seekers and aspirants have been invited by Truth to transform themselves: to turn their indwelling potential into a divine reality.
This is your invitation to be one of the few.
In this powerful audio program you will learn the little-know secrets of how to:

Turn what limits you into what liberates youLearn to let go and let Love handle your life
Release any kind of painful regret, guilt, or resentment
Touch the creative forces that can transform your life
See through and drop whatever is compromising your happiness
And much, much more!
Program Contents:Program 1:See Through 7 Common Illusions and Take Command of Your Life
Program 2:Liberate Yourself from Imagined Limitations
Program 3:End the Illusion of Anxious Thoughts and Feelings
Program 4:Let Go and Grow into the Unlimited Life
Program 5: The Path to True Abundance in Life
Program 6:Meditation: The Life of Letting Go
Program 7:The Power to Shatter the Illusion of Negative States


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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 16.08.2007
  • Verlag: Life of Learning Foundation