The Science Delusion

  • von Rupert Sheldrake
  • Sprecher: Rupert Sheldrake, David Timson, Jane Collingwood
  • 12 Std. 51 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


The science delusion is the belief that science already understands the nature of reality. The fundamental questions are answered, leaving only the details to be filled in.
In this book, Dr Rupert Sheldrake, one of the world's most innovative scientists, shows that science is being constructed by assumptions that have hardened into dogmas. The sciences would be better off without them: freer, more interesting, and more fun.
According to the dogmas of science, all reality is material or physical. The world is a machine, made up of dead matter. Nature is purposeless. Consciousness is nothing but the physical activity of the brain. Free will is an illusion. God exists only as an idea in human minds; imprisoned within our skulls. But should science be a belief-system, or a method of enquiry?
Sheldrake shows that the materialist ideology is moribund; under its sway, increasingly expensive research is reaping diminishing returns. In the sceptical spirit of true science, Sheldrake turns the 10 fundamental dogmas of materialism into exciting questions, and shows how all of them open up startling new possibilities.
The Science Delusion will radically change your view of what is possible. And give you new hope for the world.


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Probably the most Scientific Book on the market.

Sheldrake geniously unravels where the mechanistic Science is blocked by Dogmas. In contrast he upholds the Scientific virtues of openmindedness, curiousity and the superiority of proof over (mechanistic) belief. The experiments described are cleverly designed and flawless from a systematic point of view.
If these studies are taken seriously we can hope for exciting new fields of study. For instance theoretical Physicists will have to rethink causality and may find completely new forms of fields and interactions or new interpretations of the confusing quantum mechanical laws.

I also recommend the audiobook. Sheldrakes pronunciation is easy to understand even for a non native speaker and his enthusiasm makes him fun to listen to.

I studied physics and I can tell you that it does not explain the world yet. Sheldrakes approach is probably our best way to get closer to that goal. Phenomena like telepathy can probably be
described with new or adapted physical models. We just have to take the challenge!

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- Amazon Customer

The best book on science today!

This is the best book I have read/ listened to in a long time!
Rupert Sheldrake is a scientist to the core and his clear reasoning and ability to think beyond habitual boundaries and old concepts is refreshing and exciting.
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- Markus

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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 12.07.2012
  • Verlag: Hodder & Stoughton