The Way of the Leopard

  • von John Lockley
  • Sprecher: John Lockley
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Shake your bones, listen to your dreams, and feel the earth beneath your feet
Inside you is a deep capacity for connection to nature, your ancestors, and the limitless wisdom and creativity you touch every night in your dreams. Yet in this modern age filled with distraction and anxiety, how do you restore your connection to these primal resources for living with power and purpose? "We are all bound together by a symphony of blood and bone", teaches John Lockley, one of the few white men in recent history to become a fully initiated sangoma - traditional priest and healer - in the Xhosa lineage of South Africa. With The Way of the Leopard, he brings you a treasury of practices informed by this powerful tradition to help you embrace your true gifts and become a healing presence in the world.
An audio training course inspired by African Shamanic wisdom
The core spiritual teachings John teaches are all created to help you awaken to your own Ubuntu, or shared humanity. In these sessions, you'll learn to activate the untapped power of your physical senses and intuition; discover how to honor your ancestors and draw upon their guidance; engage with your dreams as a spiritual practice; connect to nature through animal and plant medicine; and dance and shake your way to greater vitality, health, and aliveness.
At the beginning of his sangoma apprenticeship, John Lockley's teacher MaMngwevu gave him the name Cingolweendaba, which means "messenger", reflecting his calling to spread the essential values and principles of South African mysticism to a world in need of healing. "It doesn't matter what color your skin is or what culture you're from", John teaches. "If you are a human being with red blood, you can walk like the leopard and connect with the earth like the elephant." Join this remarkable teacher on The Way of the Leopard for a joyful and invigorating course to help you create a life rich in meaning and supported by spirit.

Activate your physical senses - how to unlock the hidden magic in your vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch
Ignite your intuition - practices to strengthen your "sixth sense" of deep knowing and spiritual awareness
Honoring your ancestors - powerful ways to connect to the living lineage in your blood and bones, as well as your adopted and spiritual ancestry
Shaking medicine - use your breath, body, and heart to activate your "lightning rod" (spine) for spiritual power and wisdom
Plant medicine - using plants in your environment for cleansing, healing, and connecting to the natural world
Overcoming obstacles - the most common roadblocks to spiritual practice and how to clear them
The practice of dreaming - how to receive the wisdom of your dreams and use them as a gateway to your true eternal nature

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Unglaublich kraftvoll

Die Lehren von John Lockley sind unglaublich kraftvoll und transformierend. Gerade, wenn man in seiner Zenpraxis festgefahrenen ist, öffnet der Kurs das Herz und macht so den Weg frei für einen tieferen Einstieg in Zen. In dem Hörbuch gibt John Lockley Anleitungen für „The Way of the Leopard“, das Buch ist eine gute Ergänzung.
Ich wünsche John Lockley viel Erfolg! Danke!
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- M. A. Köster

Lebendige Wissensvermittlung

John Lockley gibt diesen Teil seines Wissen begeistert in grosszügiger Art und empatisch lebendigen Übungen weiter um den Leoparden in uns aufzuwecken. Hrrrrooaaaaaarrrrrr !
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- karin kya rütimann

Weitere Infos zum Titel

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 01.11.2017
  • Verlag: Sounds True