Hunting Season : The Gathering

  • von Shelly Laurenston
  • Sprecher: Alexandra Shawnee
  • Serie: The Gathering
  • 10 Std. 11 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


Neecy Lawrence, winged warrior for a Viking goddess and second-in-command of the fierce Crows, doesn't know what to do with a nice guy. As it is, making up for a past she'd sooner forget leaves her barely polite most days. But Raven leader and loyal Odin warrior, Will Yager, isn't just nice. He's gorgeous, hot, and a distraction she simply can't afford.
Yager has wanted Neecy in his life - and in his bed - for a long time. Not just for a night, but forever. And, like any self-respecting Viking, he'll stop at nothing to get what he wants. So what if she's the most difficult, complex, never-gives-him-a-break woman he's ever known? She's more than worth the effort. In fact, she's worth everything.
And if it turns out that 24 hours of non-stop, any-way-she-wants-it sex doesn't work with Neecy? Then it looks like he'll just have to get a little more creative.



"The hilarity and the laughter that comes with a Shelly Laurenston book gets better and better with each story that I read from her. She is a master magician with her words and knows how to draw you into the story and have you laughing yourself silly in the first page that you read." ( Fallen Angels Reviews)


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Lots of sex, little action

This book focuses heavily on the romance between the two main characters, with a lot of sex and talking about the reasons for and against becoming an item. The action and enemy defeating part of the story is really more of a subplot and accounts for... maybe 30% (it felt like even less to me, about 20-25%, but I'm being generous because I suspect that my preference for more action-heavy plots is influencing my perception quite a bit here). Also, there wasn't much depth to the romance plot. But that in itself is fine, if that is what you're looking for.

My real problem lies with the male lead and the heroine's friends: They're both deciding a hell of a lot without asking her. I don't care that she really likes him (deep down, even though she can't admit it); I just can't stand it when there's things like the heroine's friends deciding that he's 'perfect for her' and then help him being pushy - which this guy is. He is described over and over as a 'nice guy', but ... the way he behaves is not my definition of an actual *nice* guy. He's not a complete douchebag, but he's basically decided that she is perfect for him without really knowing her and also, after some time of mild flirting, that he has 'waited long enough' and then wants total commitment NOW. Seriously, the last thing he does (I'm not gonna spoil it) would be a total deal breaker for me (and her friends help him do it...), even in literary fantasy land, where possessive and decisive alpha-males are hailed as the nonplus-ultra of the male species.
(To be fair, he is not the 'push you against a wall and forcefully kiss you until you submit' kind of pushy, which is probably why he's called a nice guy. But he has decided he wants to marry her and grow old with her before ever being intimate or even just having a meaningful conversation with her, and he expects her to come to the same conclusion without even taking the time to get to know/date her. So, you could say he's not physically pushy, but emotionally.)

The narrator does a good job. Sometimes she uses the wrong voice (usually that's when there is a single line of dialogue without 's/he said' and you have to infer from the context who's saying it) and the voices could be more distinct, but all in all, I liked the performance and it was easy to listen to.

I'm probably not going to buy another book from this author any time soon, because this was not my cup of tea. But the writing wasn't bad, so I would recommend this for people who are in the mood for a story that focuses on romance and sex and don't mind a pushy hero.
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- Brynja

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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 06.09.2016
  • Verlag: Tantor Audio