Mordacious : The City Series

  • von Sarah Lyons Fleming
  • Sprecher: Luke Daniels, Therese Plummer
  • Serie: The City Series
  • 17 Std. 59 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


From the universe of the Until the End of the World series. (Note: The City Series can be heard before or after the Until the End of the World series)
Sylvie Rossi has the loner thing down pat, with the exception of her best friend, Grace. But when the two are trapped in a hospital during the last gasp of a dying city, alone time is no longer an option. A nurse's offer of sanctuary promises Sylvie the supplies she needs to survive the zombies - it's the coexisting with people that might do her in.
Eric Forrest will do whatever it takes to get into the dead city for his sister, including ending up dead himself. He's used to taking risks, but with every mile he travels death looks likelier and likelier, and finding his sister may be his only prospect for survival - if he can make it home.
Sylvie doesn't need more than food, water, and shelter. Eric wants only to find his sister. But sometimes what we think we need isn't what we need at all, and what we find is more than we expected.


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Slightly disappointing

I'm a huge fan of the "Until the end of the world" series and was excited to see this new book by Sarah Lyons Fleming. While it's great to return to the familiar universe of the previous books, this book feels a bit forced. The characters behave in unreasonable and annoying ways, just to cause conflict. This was never the case in the previous books and one of the reasons I liked them so much. Also, this book doesn't have the same balance between quieter moments and fights and there is too much focus on zombies this time, especially in the beginning. The performance of Therese Plummer is too exaggerated in the zombie scenes, but otherwise good. Although it is a relief to hear that Eric is alive, Luke Daniels doesn't sound like the right choice for him.
All in all, this book feels much more like a stereotyped, formulaic and rushed experience, as if the author didn't have enough time to give it the love for every detail, as she did in the past.
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- V. B.

Weitere Infos zum Titel

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 13.09.2016
  • Verlag: Audible Studios