Blood Song : Raven's Shadow

  • von Anthony Ryan
  • Sprecher: Steven Brand
  • Serie: Raven's Shadow
  • 23 Std. 8 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


From "a new master storyteller" comes the beginning of an epic fantasy saga of blood, honor, and destiny....
The Sixth Order wields the sword of justice and smites the enemies of the Faith and the Realm. Vaelin Al Sorna was only a child of 10 when his father left him at the iron gate of the Sixth Order. The Brothers of the Sixth Order are devoted to battle, and Vaelin will be trained and hardened to the austere, celibate, and dangerous life of a Warrior of the Faith. He has no family now save the Order.
Vaelin’s father was Battle Lord to King Janus, ruler of the unified realm. Vaelin’s rage at being deprived of his birthright and dropped at the doorstep of the Sixth Order like a foundling knows no bounds. He cherishes the memory of his mother, and what he will come to learn of her at the Order will confound him. His father, too, has motives that Vaelin will come to understand. But one truth overpowers all the rest: Vaelin Al Sorna is destined for a future he has yet to comprehend. A future that will alter not only the realm, but the world.


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The trouble with the narrator

I have as yet only listened to Blood Song: Raven's Shadow, Book 1 for about two hours. I really like the beginning, and if the book continues in this vein, holding my interest as the first few chapters do, I may even buy the Kindle edition to accompany the audio version.

The only reason I am writing a review at this early stage of my listening is to voice the trouble I am having with the narrator.

On the positive side, Steven Brand has a pleasant tone of voice, and though not a exceptionally brilliant interpreter of character as some other narrators are, his reading is ok. However, he reads important passages (e.g. when introducing a new character's name) too fast, and he does not enunciate his words clearly. This would not be a problem for me if the narrative took place in New York or London and the characters were named Tom, Dick and Harry. But both the character names and the names of different civilizations, cities, geographical areas, etc. are all exotic fantasy names and Steven Brand mumbles them too quickly and fuzzily to catch the the first time around. That's why I'm considering buying the text edition to read along. I've been listening to epic fantasy for years and never had this problem with any other narrator.
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- Eve


Die Geschichte selbst ist gut, nur der Sprecher entspricht nicht dem gewohnten Niveau hochklassiger Audiobooks. Der Mangel an unterschiedlichen Stimmen macht es stellenweise schwer, den Dialogen zu folgen.
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- Markus

Weitere Infos zum Titel

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 02.07.2013
  • Verlag: Penguin Audio