Blood of Dragons : The Legacy of Dragons

  • von Jack Campbell
  • Sprecher: MacLeod Andrews
  • Serie: The Legacy of Dragons
  • 12 Std. 39 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


Twenty years after the war that overthrew the Great Guilds, the Empire is vowing to avenge the massive defeat of the Imperial legions at Dorcastle. Aiding the Imperials are renegade Mechanics and Mages still loyal to the old Guilds or employed by the Empire.
But before they can launch an all-out war, the Imperials must eliminate a major threat: Kira, daughter of Master Mechanic Mari and Master of Mages Alain. Kidnapped and imprisoned, Kira has to escape and avoid recapture as the full might of the Empire is aimed at her. Her only hope lies in the skills she has mastered; her indomitable spirit; and the unfailing aid of Jason, her boyfriend from the distant world of Urth.
With the Imperial legions closing in and thousands of lives riding on her efforts, Kira has to use every weapon available to her, including special abilities she has kept secret until now - abilities that may prove to be as dangerous as the enemy forces. Mari and Alain must come to Kira's aid and work to create an alliance against the Empire.
If they fail, a deadlier new war will erupt, with every soldier carrying a rifle instead of a sword or crossbow - and the Peace of the Daughter will end in a bloodbath.


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Less plot but much more gushing teen love

I've enjoyed the Pillars of Reality series and the first book of the Legacy of Dragons.

However, this second book of the series will be my last!

While the narrator is absolutely excellent and Campbell exhibits a high level of writing craftsmanship - the plot is simply too weak and all too often even annoying.

While these books have always been more like "nice light reading" instead of sophisticated complicated storytelling - this second book has several serious issues:
1) It starts within the first 10 seconds with over-the-top gushing statements of teen love
-> ah well, argh, but ok... lets listen on...
2) These "gushing love" parts continue throughout the whole book - and form a SIGNIFICANT PART of the overall length of the book
-> this is not "argh, but ok" anymore and instead makes it unacceptable to me, especially as these statements are pretty simple and they are just plain REPETITIVE and unimaginative.
3) Overall "non-love" plot is also very thin, not much happening in comparison to the books of the Pillars series. And what's happening is not very imaginative.
-> boring
4) Overall "non-love" plot is in parts simply quite unbelievable! I do not want to get into more details to avoid spoilers.

Repetitive, boring and unbelievable - No Thanks!

There are a very few parts that are much better and which sort of brighten the content - but it's at most 15% of the overall length. Not enough...
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- domkaiser

Jack Cambell`s Erfolgsgeschichte geht weiter

Das Jack Camell in Sachen Liebesgeschichte, der nächsten Generation, nicht neues eingefallen ist trübt den Höhrspaß ein bisschen. Doch seine Geschichte und die bekannten Charaktäre werden wie auch im vorherigen Teil immer in neue gefährliche Abentreuer verstrickt, was Lust auf das nächste Buch in der Reihe macht.
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- Christian Zacharides

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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 15.08.2017
  • Verlag: Audible Studios