Chains of Command : Frontlines

  • von Marko Kloos
  • Sprecher: Luke Daniels
  • Serie: Frontlines
  • 11 Std. 47 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


The assault on Earth was thwarted by the destruction of the aliens' seed ship, but with Mars still under Lanky control, survivors work frantically to rebuild fighting capacity and shore up planetary defenses. Platoon sergeant Andrew Grayson must crash-course train new volunteers - all while dulling his searing memories of battle with alcohol and meds.
Knowing Earth's uneasy respite won't last, the North American Commonwealth and its Sino-Russian allies hurtle toward two dangerous options: hit the Lanky forces on Mars or go after deserters who stole a fleet of invaluable warships critical to winning the war. Assigned to a small special ops recon mission to scout out the renegades' stronghold on a distant moon, Grayson and his wife, dropship pilot Halley, again find themselves headed for the crucible of combat - and a shattering new campaign in the war for humanity's future.


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Attention recruits!

Luke Daniels is a great voice actor. Seriously.

Andrew Grayson has gained a bit of weight. His wife doesn't appear to mind however. Taking a well deserved break from slugging it out on the frontlines (oh the irony) Platoon Sergeant Grayson is doing his best to get boots filled for the coming assault on Mars. Along comes an offer he can't refuse, so Lieutenant Grayson grabs a bunch of trustee noncom-friends and off he cruises into adventure again. All the really thorny issues have already been tackled in the last two books one thinks, but there are a couple more as Marko Kloos lets his main character discover the difference between lawful, right and right. Lt. Grayson is not perfect, which makes him so much more relatable.

This installment of Frontlines mostly tidies up the open sideplot from the prior two books. It also sets us up for the battle of Mars and develops the characters and their relationships.
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- Justus Wingert

Nichts wirklich Neues

Die Geschichte an sich ist sehr interessant und das Hörbuch hat eine gute Qualität. Hat man jedoch die vorherigen Folgen gelesen, bzw. gehört, so ist nicht viel Neues dabei. Auf den Showdown mit den Ausserirdischen muss man leider noch ein wenig warten.
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- ProduktFan

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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 19.04.2016
  • Verlag: Brilliance Audio