Chosen : Alex Verus

  • von Benedict Jacka
  • Sprecher: Gildart Jackson
  • Serie: Alex Verus
  • 10 Std. 24 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


Life is quiet for Alex Verus. Amazing. With a flat full of friends (and the occasional fish) and business booming, why not enjoy the humdrum here and now?
But of course that's too good to be true. In a sudden and cruel pincer movement of fate, Alex finds himself fighting a sinister and powerful gang as well as his own demons - for the same crime.
Held hostage by the choices of his past, Alex's future is now in jeopardy....


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No Choice

So far Alex Verus has been helping others and trying to avoid entanglements with either dark or white mages, but now it is personal. He is the chosen target of a posse seeking revenge for things from his past. Only by using all his skills and through his friend’s efforts he survives but he has not only to face his past as the apprentice of a dark mage but also to tell his friends about it – thereby alienating them.

It is very interesting that in contrast to the magic world of Jim Butcher’s Dresden-novels where the hero has to act like the lone sheriff in a western film, the setting in the Verus-series is much more British. There is a mostly hidden establishment and woe behold if you cross the line of “one of us”…

With this installment the series has reached a level of quality and originality that is simply excellent! A gripping, emotional tale with a sly humor, superbly performed by Gildart Jackson this audio book is pure joy. I just regret that not all of them are available via audible, but after all there is still print.
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- Walter

Weitere Infos zum Titel

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 14.05.2015
  • Verlag: Hachette Audio UK