Doctor Who: The Blood Cell

  • von James Goss
  • Sprecher: Colin McFarlane
  • 5 Std. 55 Min.
  • original_recording Hörbuch


An unabridged reading of the new novel by James Goss featuring the Twelfth Doctor, as played by Peter Capaldi in the hit BBCTV series Doctor Who.
An asteroid in the furthest reaches of space - the most secure prison for the most dangerous of criminals. The governor is responsible for the cruellest murderers, so he’s not impressed by the arrival of the man they’re calling the most dangerous criminal in the quadrant. Or, as he prefers to be known, the Doctor.
But when the new prisoner immediately sets about trying to escape, and keeps trying, the governor sets out to find out why.
Who is the Doctor, and what’s he really doing here? And who is the young woman who comes every day to visit him, only to be turned away by the guards?When the killing finally starts, the governor begins to get his answers....
A complete and unabridged reading by Colin McFarlane, who was the Voice of the Heavenly Host in the TV episode "Voyage of the Damned".
Reading produced by Neil Gardner. Sound design by Simon Hunt. Executive producer: Michael Stevens


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very good story with outstanding narrator

I loved the narrator, first to say.

I was very surprised by the book’s perspective, since it is written in first-person, told through “the Governor”, the administrator of the prison where this story takes place. It was odd at first, but refreshingly different.
During the first half of the story, I found the Doctor not acting very 12-ish but more 11-ish – but, to be fair, I now have a lead of 1 1/2 seasons No 12 and Clara over the author. The second half was very much 12 as he would act on TV.
I liked the sparse appearances of Clara (not because I don’t like Clara at all, but because she lighted the story up without acting as Super-Clara – like o TV and in the last half of the book). But that most likely depends on everyone’s individual fondness for her. If you like her behaviour more, you’ll probably disappointed by her just waving placards from time to time. Concerning Clara, the author absolutely nailed it. I especially liked her mentioned problem with the Doctor suddenly looking old, as that was so TV-Clara.
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- Me

Weitere Infos zum Titel

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 25.06.2015
  • Verlag: BBC Worldwide Ltd