Dreadnaught : Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier

  • von Jack Campbell
  • Sprecher: Christian Rummel, Jack Campbell - introduction
  • Serie: Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier
  • 12 Std. 21 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


The first book of best-selling sci-fi author Jack Campbell’s new series "Beyond the Frontier" returns to find Captain John “Black Jack" Geary, the hero of the "Lost Fleet" series, awoken from cryogenic sleep to take command of the fleet.
Geary’s legendary exploits have earned him the adoration of the people—and the enmity of politicians convinced that a living hero can be a very inconvenient thing. The century-long war between the Alliance and the Syndicate Worlds may be over, but Geary and his newly christened First Fleet have been ordered back into action to investigate the aliens occupying the far side of Syndic space and to determine how much of a threat they represent to the Alliance. And while the Syndic Worlds are no longer united, individually they may be more dangerous than ever before. Geary knows that members of the military high command and the government question his loyalty to the Alliance and fear his staging a coup, so he can’t help but wonder if the newly christened First Fleet is being sent to the far side of space on a suicide mission.
William C. Dietz, the author of the "Legion of the Damned" series, calls Dreadnaught "a rousing adventure", and Elizabeth Moon, the Nebula Award-winning author of the "Vatta's War" series, says it’s “loaded with edge-of-your-seat combat". Read by Christian Rummel, who has narrated The Lost Fleet series to excellent reviews, Dreadnaught promises to be an out-of-this-world experience.
BONUS AUDIO: Includes an exclusive introduction written and read by author Jack Campbell.


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Unimaginative and boring story

Characters are simplistic, steteotypical and without depth.
Long episodes of pseudo-scientific / -religious and -political debates are both boring and laughable.
Even the more action-laden parts are predictable and without suspense.
Only the reader does his job reasonably well.
All in all a real letdown.
Try the Honor Harrington series instead, which is kind of similar, but much better in all aspects.

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Weitere Infos zum Titel

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 26.04.2011
  • Verlag: Audible Studios