Fated : Alex Verus

  • von Benedict Jacka
  • Sprecher: Gildart Jackson
  • Serie: Alex Verus
  • 10 Std. 33 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


Camden, North London: A tangled, mangled junction of train lines, roads, and waterways. Where minor celebrities hang out with minor criminals and where tourists and moody teenagers mingle.
In the heart of Camden, where rail meets road meets leyline, you might find the Arcana Emporium, run by one Alex Verus. He won't sell you a wand or mix you a potion, but if you know what you're looking for, he might just be able to help. That's if he's not too busy avoiding his would-be apprentice, foiling the Dark, outwitting the Light, and investigating a mysterious relic that has just turned up at the British Museum.
Fated is the first book in a major new series starring probability mage Alex Verus, for fans of Jim Butcher and Ben Aaronovitch.



"Harry Dresden would like Alex Verus tremendously - and be a little nervous around him. I just added Benedict Jacka to my must-read list. Fated is an excellent novel, a gorgeously realized world with a uniquely powerful, vulnerable protagonist. Books this good remind me why I got into the storytelling business in the first place" (Jim Butcher)
"Filled with tense and compelling writing" ( SFX)
"Jacka writes a deft thrill-ride of an urban fantasy - a stay-up-all-night read. Alex Verus is a very smart man surviving in a very dangerous world." (Patricia Briggs)
"London's hidden wizardly community spell-blast each other entertainingly in this urban fantasy romp. Fated is highly enjoyable" ( Sun)
"Fated is an excellent example of not just great urban fantasy but also of brilliant story-telling. There is a near perfect mix of everything and it has been masterfully crafted with a meticulous eye for those pieces of humanity that make a great protagonist and a fantastic story" ( FANTASY FACTION)
"A novel with a very good plotline, and fascinating characters" ( BOOKCHICKCITY)


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not very gripping

Maybe it's because I'm coming off the Harry Dresden series, but Alex Verus pales in comparison. There is nothing exactly wrong with it, it's just not gripping.

The protagonist is not especially witty, or tortured, or angry, or sad, or anything really. He can see the future in all possible variations. OK. You just don't get a glimpse of how he tries to combine this with a "normal" life or where that might be problematic. All in all, the book is just ... meh.

In all fairness, perhaps I would be less harsh if I hadn't listened to 15 Harry Dresdens right beforehand.
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- Vanessa

Magic Quest in the British Museum of London

Urban Fantasies seem to be pretty popular right now and several decent authors populate this field. With his first adult novel “Fated” Benedict Jacka established himself already as a serious player there. He plays in the same league Jim Butcher and Ben Aaronovitch play, even if he still might lack some of the refinement.

Jacka’s prose is adequate and “easy listening”. The style is straight forward and perhaps a little bit simple. His strength is not so much the creation of atmosphere, but the presentation of plausible and strong characters and their behavior. They have sufficient granularity to appear lifelike, even if you get frustrated sometimes, because you would like to learn more about their background and what turned them into what they are today.

Jacka’s protagonist Alex Verus is a mage, but rather different from Butcher’s Harry Dresden or Aaronovitch’s Peter Grant. Alex does not cast spells or use powerful magic, he is a diviner, he can foresee the future. He runs a magic shop in Camden and because of some fallout in the past, he keeps his distance from the magic community. His only friends are Luna, a young girl suffering under a very nasty curse, Starbreeze, a friendly, but rather brainless air elemental and Arachne, a huge spider with some skills in fashion and garment design. Of course, being a diviner is more complicated than it sounds. Similar to a chess player, Alex can research the different outcomes of individual actions and research all the possibilities of the near future.

When an old magical artifact is found in the British Museum, Alex’s skill is in great demand. A diviner is needed to access the hidden tool in the artifact, which would bestow incredible power on the bearer. Various factions fight over the possession of the artifact and Alex Verus is in great peril. He has to make the right choice and save his life and the life of his friends at the same time.

There is enough action to keep you entertained, but especially charming is the very tender relationship between Luna and Alex. If you like the genre, listen to the book, you will not regret it.
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- BikerJoe

Weitere Infos zum Titel

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 02.09.2014
  • Verlag: Hachette Audio UK