Fear the Sky : The Fear Saga

  • von Stephen Moss
  • Sprecher: R.C. Bray
  • Serie: The Fear Saga
  • 20 Std. 16 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


"Real science in Science Fiction. This is a must read for fans of SF." >(John S. Gertsch, Amazon Reviewer)
Perfect for fans of Peter F. Hamilton, Iain M. Banks, and Orson Scott Card, Fear the Sky is a hard-hitting sci-fi thriller that will have you looking at the stars in a different way.
In eleven years' time, a million members of an alien race will arrive at Earth. Years before they enter orbit, their approach will be announced by the flare of a thousand flames in the sky, their ships' huge engines burning hard to slow them from the vast speeds needed to cross interstellar space. These foreboding lights will shine in our night sky like new stars, getting ever brighter until they outshine even the sun, casting ominous shadows and banishing the night until they suddenly blink out. Their technology is vastly superior to ours, and they know they cannot possibly lose the coming conflict. But they, like us, have found no answer to the destructive force of the atom, and they have no intention of facing the onslaught of our primitive nuclear arsenal or the devastation it would wreak on the planet they crave. So they have flung out an advance party in front of them, hidden within one of the countless asteroids randomly roaming the void. They do not want us, they want our planet. Their Agents are arriving.


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Pure mental masturbation

Moss is a master chef who serves a perfectly balanced dish of geeky details and mind numbing action. This is what science fiction is all about.
Bray's performance is impeccable. He deftly handles the many accents of the various characters, and excellently employs tempo shifts during the books many nerve wrenching sequences. You can tell he loves what he reads.

Listening to this audio book resulted in a speeding ticket, involuntary shoplifting, and a missed flight. Totally worth it.
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- Nihaki

Perry Rhodan meets the 6 Million Dollar Man

...using the general story line of Cixin Liu's "The Three Body Problem" as well as the sequel "The Dark Forest"
Moss generally does a good job, but somehow this book (and it's sequels) comes across as a somewhat thin soup.
Where Liu really wades throug deep scientific waters, Moss stays at the surface of it all.
Liu's view of the sociological and economical impact of such a threat as pictured here is much more elaborate, again Moss stays a the surface.
It is like, well, every time you expect, he is gaining some depth, he trails of.. and starts the action.
He uses the story line (10 years where Liu covers 450 years!), to walk along just to place his favorites (Action) here and there and uses the rest to plot along.
And so generally this book and it's brethrens lack some depth.
Logical glitches, sometimes long stretching, slowly passages (Which are not bad because they are slowly but because they are.. hmm.. like molasses), ravaging action and overly detailed when it comes to action (fighting, may it be a dog fight between two, or mass mitlitary confrontations) makes listening to this/these book(s) somewhat painfull.
Especially the logical flaws sometimes really hurt.
There are a lot of characters, somehow none of them really gets three dimensional.
It IS a book, which keeps you listening, anyway, so not totaly bad.
But as with any thin soup, one is not really satisfied.
The reader, Mr. Bray, does a quite good job, but does not distinguish himself from the lot of readers I have heard so far.
So, this is fun to hear, but not satisfying in the end.
I listend to Lius Books two times now, it may come to a third time or more, but i have no desire to repeat that with these books:
See my comment on "Fear the Future"
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- M. Hallerbach

Weitere Infos zum Titel

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 03.03.2015
  • Verlag: Podium Publishing