Heir of Novron

  • von Michael J. Sullivan
  • Sprecher: Tim Gerard Reynolds
  • 31 Std. 49 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


The New Empire intends to celebrate its victory over the Nationalists with a day that will never be forgotten.
On the high holiday of Wintertide, the empress will be married, and Degan Gaunt and the Witch of Melengar will be publically executed. Once the empress suffers a fatal accident, everything will be perfect. There is only one problem - Royce and Hadrian have finally found the Heir of Novron.



"Hair-raising escapes, flashy sword fights, and faithful friendship complete the formula for good old-fashioned escapist fun." (Publishers Weekly)


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Helden, Abenteuer, ein Hauch von Magie

Eine wunderbare Geschichte, Episoden voller Emotionen und eìn toller Sprecher. Was will man mehr?
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- Silke

Adventures and more

I'm a bit pressed for time at present, so this will be brief. Let me just say that it is a great story, with a surprising ending, and that I'm going to listen to Riyria Chronicles some time soon, cause I'm curious to find out how it all began.

Well, as expected, Tim Gerard Reynolds does a wonderful job at narrating this. The tale contains everything you'd expect from an adventure, and more. In the last books, there were lots of travels, some by sea. I'm a sucker for maritime stories, I'm a staunch Horatio Hornblower fan, and Michael J Sullivan does a great job at writing up the sea journeys. (I didn't mention them in my previous review, in order not to come close to posting spoilers).
Here, there's a lot of travelling again, and again it's marvellous. I could picture myself going on this perilous journey with such able people as Royce, Hadrian, and the gang.
Suffice it to say, they have to face countless dangers, and not everybody makes it to the end...
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- Bel

Weitere Infos zum Hörbuch

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 06.06.2013
  • Verlag: Whole Story Audiobooks