House Name : House War

  • von Michelle West
  • Sprecher: Eva Wilhelm
  • Serie: House War
  • 30 Std. 16 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


Once, Jewel was an orphan, struggling to survive in the slums of the realm until she was rescued by Rath and sent to live at House Terafin - the most powerful of the ruling Houses in the Essalieyan Empire. But as Jewel finds her place within the House, she becomes crucial to the Empire's survival in the demonic war that's about to begin....


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Wonderful series for all ages

Chronologically the third book in the series, this story sees Jewel (Jay) Markess lead her den into House Terafin where they are ultimately the primary catalyst in forestalling the Demons' and Allasakar's rise to power in the world. Thus earning the house name ATerafin for all of them as advertised in the books' title. The book also gets Jewel to the place where she will "grow up" and continue with her adult appearance in the other Michelle West six book story arc " The Sun Sword" series which though written prior to the House War series happens chronologically much later.
The next books in the House War series (Skirmish and Battle) then continue on from where the Sun Sword Series ends. And though this sound convoluted it has the terrific benefit of providing readers and listeners with a wonderful long (and far from over) overall story arc, created in a fantastic world setting and with a variety of diverse and authentic seeming and yet entertaining set of characters.

Though I don't completely like the reading style of Eva Wilhelm and her characterization eg. of Meralonne (too haughty and ponderous), the story and characters by Michelle Sagara still shine so brightly and endearingly that I very much enjoyed the book and wholeheartedly recommend it and the whole series to anybody who likes their fantasy focussing on what defines good and evil, courage and worth, happiness and misery, and on what makes belief in and struggle for humanity (whether the human variety or that of other races) worth the effort in the face of injustice, opportunism, pettiness or simply indifference.
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- Fantastica

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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 09.03.2013
  • Verlag: Audible Studios