I Will Fear No Evil

  • von Robert A. Heinlein
  • Sprecher: Anthony Heald
  • 18 Std. 53 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


As startling and provocative as his famous Stranger in a Strange Land, here is Heinlein’s grand masterpiece about a man supremely talented, immensely old, and obscenely wealthy who discovers that money can buy everything.
Johann Sebastian Bach Smith was immensely rich—and very old. Though his mind was still keen, his body was worn out. His solution was to have surgeons transplant his brain into a new body. The operation was a great success—but the patient was no longer Johann Sebastian Bach Smith. He was now fused with the very vocal personality of his gorgeous, recently deceased secretary, Eunice—with mind-blowing results! Together they must learn to share control of her body.
Once again, master storyteller Robert A. Heinlein delivers a wild and intriguing classic of science fiction. Written at the dawn of the 1970s, this novel is the brilliantly shocking story of the ultimate transplant.



“Magnificent. A science fiction masterpiece.” ( Galaxy)


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Old Goats and a Young Body

Quite honestly I did not listen to the entire audiobook but quit sometime in-between. And this was not because it is bad book – quite to the contrary it is very well written. A masterpiece from Heinlein's top period, full of the strangeness of the situations occurring when an old man suddenly discovers that he no inhabits the body of a young woman …

While this book is definitely a masterpiece it is also somewhat tiring because it focuses too much on sex. And continues to do so, on and on. Now Heinlein's libertarian worldview gives the whole lot of his books a good angle, but sometimes he gets stuck and looses the focus on the tale he was supposed to tell.

Unfortunately this is the case here too. So I came to a stop. But the nice thing about books: I can take it up again one day the fancy strikes me. And since it is a very good book I guess I will …
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- Walter

One of Heinlein's weakest

A filthy rich guy nearing the end of his life decides to have his brain transferred to a new body. Works out fine, at first... except he ends up in a woman's body, and he's not the only mind occupying it.
Great premise, rounded up with interesting ideas for a future society, lame execution. At least 2/3s of the story are filler material that a more merciful editor should have cut out. Most characters are flat and implausible, and the author pairs up old geezers and nymphomaniac young girls just a wee bit too often not to raise suspicion. And tedium.
The audio presentation is first rate, very good speaker, clear voice, varies nicely in tone and doesn't get boring. Well, except for the tale.
Don't make it your first Heinlein book - he's written many better, "Stranger in a Strange Land", or "Job - A Comedy of Errors", just to name two. For the same reasons, don't make it your last.
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- Andreas P Rauch

Weitere Infos zum Titel

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 07.04.2011
  • Verlag: Blackstone Audio, Inc.