Red Mars : Mars Trilogy

  • von Kim Stanley Robinson
  • Sprecher: Richard Ferrone
  • Serie: Mars Trilogy
  • 23 Std. 52 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


Winner of the Nebula Award for Best Novel, Red Mars is the first book in Kim Stanley Robinson's best-selling trilogy. Red Mars is praised by scientists for its detailed visions of future technology. It is also hailed by authors and critics for its vivid characters and dramatic conflicts. For centuries, the red planet has enticed the people of Earth. Now an international group of scientists has colonized Mars. Leaving Earth forever, these 100 people have traveled nine months to reach their new home. This is the remarkable story of the world they create - and the hidden power struggles of those who want to control it.
Although it is fiction, Red Mars is based on years of research. As living spaces and greenhouses multiply, an astonishing panorama of our galactic future rises from the red dust. Through Richard Ferrone's narration, each scene is energized with the designs and dreams of the extraordinary pioneers.



"Generously blending hard science with canny insight into human strengths and weaknesses, this suspenseful sf saga should appeal to a wide range of readers." ( Library Journal)
"The ultimate in future history." ( Daily Mail)


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Hard-Sci-Fi ist das zwar auch, aber - zumindest bis zu dem Zeitpunkt, an dem ich nach ca. 4 Stunden abgeschaltet habe - sind das politische Diskussionen wie in der Hippie-WG und viel Beziehungs-Blabla. Passiert ist bis dahin nicht viel, außer dass sich die russische Delegationsleiterin immer noch nicht entschieden hat, welchen der hübschen Amerikaner sie in ihr Bett lassen möchte. Achja, auf dem Mars ist die Expidition auch noch gelandet.

Ich lese (höre) Science-Fiction weil ich an sowas gerade nicht interessiert bin.

Dass der Sprecher für einen non-native Speaker nicht gerade leicht zu verstehen ist und eine für mich tendenziell unsympathische Tonalität hat, tat sein übriges, dass ich das Buch vorzeitig beendet habe.
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- Dülp

Could not emotionally engage me at all

I know the main characters now, but I did not feel any emotional attachement to them at all. The plot is really slow, but even when there's action it did not draw me in much more than the endless descriptions of Mars' geological formations.
Would probably have stopped reading if this wasn't an audiobook.

Nerdy side note: The automation is just ridiculous. They are manually flying planes that were manufactured by a completely automated factory. They very quickly start to produce crazy luxury items like wine on Mars and seem to have just endless raw materials to build their machines with. Procuring and refining minerals seems to be no problem at all, but apparently there much manual programming effort needed (on Mars, because you can't prepare stuff like that on Earth, obviously) to get brick laying robots to build houses.

This book was recommended from many different sources. I really can't understand why.
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- Julian

Weitere Infos zum Titel

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 04.04.2008
  • Verlag: Recorded Books