Soul of the Fire : Sword of Truth

  • von Terry Goodkind
  • Sprecher: Buck Schirner
  • Serie: Sword of Truth
  • 24 Std. 11 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


Terry Goodkind returns to the epic Sword of Truth saga in a tale of sweeping fantasy adventure bound to enthrall his growing legion of fans. In Temple of the Winds, the New York Times best selling fourth novel in the series, the Seeker of Truth Richard Rahl and Mother Confessor Kahlan Amnell risked their lives and souls to free the land of D'Hara from the scourge of a magical plague. But in doing so they accidentally unleashed the Chimes, a magic whose threat will reach far beyond D'Hara. Now it has become terrifyingly clear that the Chimes have the potential to bring down all that Richard and Kahlan have worked to protect, and even the power of the Sword of Truth may not be enough to stem the tide of their unleashed magical force. But if the Chimes cannot be stopped, first they will ravage Richard and Kahlan, then all of D'Hara, and then the entire world.



"Goodkind's ingenious world building will keep readers captivated." ( Publishers Weekly)
"Buck Schirner takes the massive cast list in stride, switching from character to character, nobleman to native, and male to female with subtle and effective grace." ( AudioFile)


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so so...

Having listened to all the other Sword of Truth books before this one I have to say unfortunately they progressively get worse. while the first 2 were full of action, character development and just plain interesting characters, this one (as does Temple of the Winds to a lesser extend) just draaaaags on about politics, social structure and what not. The newly introduced characters are wooden and plainly remind me of about every politician I've ever seen.

There are some up sides, Fitch is a has potential and it is nice to get a little more story on the Prelett.

Unfortunately there are more downsides. While in the first two books I was rooting for Richard and Kahlen, at this point I am just bored with them. They have essentially stopped developing. While Kahlen used to be this strong and self-sufficient woman and mother confessor, now she's just the trophy wife constantly panicking and worrying about her Richard; she lost all of her character, she's just a shadow of what she used to be: interesting!

Richard went from a woods guide trying to comprehend the world around him, making mistakes and being just likable, to a brooding and boring leader who always knows what's best because oh yea he's a warwizard he just knows everything (or he just 'feels' it).

Cara is a little bright spot amongst the characters but even she seems to get flat as you read (or listen) on.

I still give it 3 stars because... well if you read the other books, this one does add to the overall storyline (though things only really start moving 40 chapters into the book) and there are little gems. But overall, I think number 6 (which I already downloaded) will be my last of the series unless it somehow brings back that feeling I had when I listened to Book 1. here's hoping...
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- AH

Not as good as some of the previous stories...

But not bad at all. The problem with this one is that it takes even longer to really get going and when it finally does, it's good and all but on the way you have to sit through quite a lot of fillery material. Some of the new characters are very interesting and well written, but I think Goodkind went too overboard with the whole Anderyth culture plot. As with most of his books less is more applies really well here, too. Nonetheless it has a final act that makes it all worth it.
I recommend this audiobook to everyone who appreciates intelligent fantasy with compelling characters and does not mind if it gets a bit political/technical from time to time.
The performance by Buck Schirner is on point, but not outstanding.
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- Jonathan

Weitere Infos zum Titel

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 13.05.2008
  • Verlag: Brilliance Audio