Space Captain Smith

  • von Toby Frost
  • Sprecher: Clive Catterall
  • 7 Std. 6 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


Space Captain Smith is the first book of the Chronicles of Isambard Smith. It’s the 25th Century and the British Space Empire faces the gathering menace of the evil ant-soldiers of the Ghast hive, hell bent on galactic domination and the extermination of all humanoid life forms.
Captain Isambard Smith is the square-jawed, courageous and somewhat asinine new commander of the clapped out freighter John Pym, destined to take on the alien threat because nobody else is available. Together with his bold crew - a skull-collecting alien lunatic, an android pilot who is actually a fugitive sex toy and a hamster called Gerald - he must collect new-age herbalist Rhianna Mitchell from the New Francisco orbiter and bring her back to the Empire in safety. Straightforward enough – except the Ghasts want her too and, in addition to a whole fleet of Ghast warships, Smith has to confront void sharks, a universe-weary android assassin and John Gilead, psychopathic naval officer from the fanatically religious Republic of Eden before facing his greatest enemy: a ruthless alien warlord with a very large behind….



"Frost's debut, a light-hearted interstellar adventure, focuses on a second-rate captain, Isambard Smith. Plucked from a desk job in the bureaucracy of the 25th century British Space Empire, Smith, whose attitudes are straight out of the original British Empire, is sent on a simple mission to escort Rhianna Mitchell from her home on the hippie planet New Francisco to the spaceport Midlight. Naturally the mission isn't as straightforward as Smith is led to believe and he finds himself making mortal enemies of the alien 462 and the evangelical Captain Gilead. Sudden scene changes leave the reader momentarily confused, and offhand references to pop science fiction culture are more clichéd than clever. An ironic sense of British rectitude nicely contrasts with the satire of 1940s space opera, but Frost never quite finds his voice or pacing." ( Publishers Weekly)
"Gives the sacred cows of sci-fi a good kicking before racing home in time for tea." (Dick Maggs, director of BBC Radio 4's The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy)
A highly enjoyable read of daring-do and regular wit and humor." (James Roberts, Gatehouse Gazette)


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Very British!

Captain Smith is thrilled to finally command a space ship, but his new assignment turns out quite different than he expected. Soon he must defend himself, his motley crew, and indeed the second British Empire itself from aliens, fanatics and even hippies. All that with little more than a strong belief in common decency, waxed mustaches, and a stiff upper lip. But of course an officer and gentleman rises to the challenge - if it occasionally results in savage mayhem, well, these blokes had it coming, hadn't they?

Toby Frost's imaginative story has everything you expect from a space opera, and is chock-a-block full of SciFi genre references - can you spot them all? Clive Catteral also does a brilliant job of bringing the quirky characters to life.

The book is still hilarious the second time. All in all well worth a try, and I hope there will be more of this soon!
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- nemo42

Weitere Infos zum Titel

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 29.06.2011
  • Verlag: Iambik Audio Inc