StarCraft: Evolution

  • von Timothy Zahn
  • Sprecher: Christopher Ryan Grant
  • 11 Std. 21 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


An action-packed novel that ushers in a new age of adventure in the critically acclaimed StarCraft series from Blizzard Entertainment.
Award-winning author Timothy Zahn pens the latest chapter in the stunning StarCraft saga, building on the game's rich legacy to create an unforgettable new story.
After nearly a decade of brutal warfare, three mighty factions - the enigmatic Protoss, the savage Zerg, and the Terrans, humanity's descendants in the sector - have entered a cease-fire, but the peace is tenuous at best. When the sudden restoration of an incinerated planet is brought to light, tensions erupt. Neutrality swings back to hostility, and old enemies are accused of developing biological weapons to reignite the bitter conflict.
An expedition of Terran and Protoss soldiers and researchers is deployed to investigate the mysterious Zerg planet and its inhabitants' intentions. But the lush alien landscape is host to other denizens, creatures shrouded in shadow, and should they be unleashed, they will change the fate of the entire galaxy.


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Bestes starcraft hörbuch so far. Hoffe, es kommt noch mehr! Außerdem Herrn Zahn abseits von der Galaxie far far away zu erleben, sehr nice!
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- Christian

It is Zahn, so ...

...what else would you expect if not great writing, interesting and fleshed out characters and a tightly packed, excellently paced story? That is exactly what he delivered with this new novel set in the StarCraft Universe.

The story sets in a few years after the conclusion to the StarCraft II Videogame expansion "Legacy of the Void", so obviously you won't met Raynor in this one. That said, this book features a number of cool SC characters like Emporer Valerion, Admiral Horner and Hierarch Artanis, who alongside a cast of new characters venture to a planet newly populated by Zerg, after they were invited by the Swarm-Queen Zagara. She offers peace and the benefits of a new race, Abathur, the ancient evolution master of the Swarm, created. As the team of experts (all new cast members) sets foot on the planet and investigates the new spezies, Prince Valerion and Hierach Artanis meet up with Zagara for negotiations. From this point on, everything goes south as a conspiracy against both Terrans and Protoss nearly escalates the building tensions. It is up to the team on the ground to uncover the details of the plot. An action packed adventure unfolds that could decide the future of the three SC races.
The voice acting performance by Christopher Ryan Grant is excellent as well. I was a little bit disappointed to learn that it won't be Mark Thomson reading (he read the Thrawn novels), but Grant did not disappoint.
The production level is as high as you could possibly wish for.
Overall this is one of the best Audiobooks in my collection and I can recommend this to everyone, interested in Science Fiction. Those who are not into Starcraft might have a few problems understanding some of the details, but I don't think it will make much of a difference!
Obviously, this Audiobook gets an 5 out of 5 rating!
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- Jonathan

Weitere Infos zum Titel

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 08.11.2016
  • Verlag: Random House Audio