The Chronicles of Lumineia Omnibus: Books 1-3 : The Chronicles of Lumineia

  • von Ben Hale
  • Sprecher: Derek Perkins
  • Serie: The Chronicles of Lumineia
  • 34 Std. 43 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


Elseerian, book one: The assassination of heroes was once a warning...for an invasion that nearly destroyed the world. Nations were slaughtered, cities were erased from existence, and defending armies were crushed into oblivion. With hundreds of thousands dead, the races stood on the verge of extinction. But the end did not come. Instead the black horde vanished, leaving terrified survivors in its wake. As the centuries passed, the holocaust faded into myth and legend. With the tale forgotten, the renewed signs go unheeded. Only a supreme warrior can stave off the inevitable, a warrior named Elseerian. For the killings have already begun....
The Gathering, book two: Born of darkness, the ultimate army has been unleashed. The only hope lies in destroying the source - before all life is extinguished. Fate has chosen Elseerian for the impossible feat, but as he embarks on the harrowing journey the invasion must be delayed. With time as their only weapon against extinction, the elves issue a desperate call...for every race to ally. Facing annihilation, many will realize that survival lies in unity, courage sleeps in ordinary citizens, and average people can turn the tide of war. The Gathering has begun.
Seven Days, book three: Forced to ally, the world has gathered against the endless night. Numbering over a million souls, they are the survivors of nations. They have armed themselves with weapons and magic and defend the strongest fortress ever built. Led by a supreme strategic mind, the races have organized into battalions, designed unique tactics, and fortified their position beyond any conceivable need. But now their foe is at their gates, and to a man they cling to the same hope - to survive until Elseerian can defeat the source. The best they can last is seven days....


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A Power Fantasy

Gibt es irgendetwas, das Sie an diesem Hörbuch ändern würden?

Well, it's a good written story. The characters arent one dimensional ... but very very predictable. The whole story is predictable.
That isnt a bad thing though. If you are looking for a classic fantasy Story with all Archetypes in a world that seems really large than you found one. If you are looking for a fresh story with intressting twists you should keep looking.

Its not a bad story, its just a fantasy story and a power fantasy.

If you want a story that could have been a D&D campaign - you found one. Have fun.

If you wanted a Wheel of Time or a Kingslayer Chronicels. Sorry.

Lesen Sie weiter...

- goddi23a

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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 26.05.2015
  • Verlag: Podium Publishing