Worldwar: Tilting the Balance : Worldwar

  • von Harry Turtledove
  • Sprecher: Todd McLaren
  • Serie: Worldwar
  • 25 Std. 46 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


No one could stop them - not Stalin, not Togo, not Churchill, not Roosevelt....
The invaders had cut the United States virtually in half at the Mississippi, vaporized Washington, D.C., devastated much of Europe, and held large parts of the Soviet Union under their thumb. But humanity would not give up so easily. The new world allies were ruthless at finding their foe's weaknesses and exploiting them. Whether delivering supplies in tiny biplanes to partisans across the vast steppes of Russia, working furiously to understand the enemy's captured radar in England, or battling house to house on the streets of Chicago, humankind would never give up.
Yet no one could say when the hellish inferno of death would stop being a war of conquest and turn into a war of survival - the very survival of the planet....



"Turtledove's thorough command of storytelling and historiography...assure us that this is an irresistibl[e] book." ( Booklist)


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Average book, average reading

If you read the first book in the series, In the Balance, you might want to check this one too.
Juggling a cast of dozens, with various point of views from chapter to chapter, Turtledove covers the US, China, Europe and Russia. Africa is mentioned in passing, too.

McLaren has difficulty with German and Russian pronounciation - a pronounciation guide would've been helpful.
The problem with no pauses when the point of view switches from, say, China to Poland, that made the first book har to follow, persists here as well.

Also, Turtledove is good at writing battlescenes and meetings, but his sexscenes are more than awkward. Other things that feel just wrong:
A lesbian character contemplates "trying" a man.
One of the main characters, a former baseball player, is just not that interesting, his problems basically constituting any generic soap opera plot.
In summary, if you can get an abriged version of this audiobook, take the shorter version instead. Chances are, the storylines will be tighter and better told.
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- Markus Finster

Weitere Infos zum Titel

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 18.10.2010
  • Verlag: Tantor Audio