ENFP: Understanding & Relating with the Champion (MBTI Personality Types)

  • von Clayton Geoffreys
  • Sprecher: Craig Sweat
  • 1 Std. 4 Min.
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Learn how ENFPs view the world and what makes them tick! Listen on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or Kindle device! In ENFP: Understanding & Relating with the Champion, you'll learn about the ENFP Myers Brigg Personality Type. This book covers a variety of topics regarding ENFPs (extroverted intuitive feeling perception) and why they make such unique, free-thinking individuals. ENFPs have a natural ability to perceive things in ways that others cannot. In this book we'll begin by exploring why the MBTI test is important before then digging in to why ENFPs make great, dependable friends and lovers. From there we'll venture into the greatest strengths and weaknesses of individuals who identify as ENFPs. Finally we'll explore what makes ENFPs happy and what they value in their personal relationships. We'll close by learning about 10 famous ENFPs and what you can learn from them.
If you are an ENFP, listen to this book to begin your quest in learning why you act the way you do and how you can come to appreciate who you are as an individual. Here is a preview:

An Introduction to MBTI
The Four Dimensions of the MBTI
Why is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Significant?
Uncovering the "Champion": Who Is an ENFP?
Why are ENFPs Indispensable Leaders?
The Seven Greatest Strengths of an ENFP
The Five Greatest Areas of Improvement for an ENFP
What Makes an ENFP Happy?
What are Some Common Careers of an ENFP?
Common Workplace Behaviors of an ENFP
ENFP: Parenting Style and Values
Why do ENFPs Make Good Friends?
ENFP Romance
Seven Actionable Steps for Overcoming Your Weaknesses as an ENFP
The 10 Most Influential ENFPs We Can Learn From


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